Cleaning Services in Whitby

If you are on the search for a competent cleaning service provider in Whitby, Ontario, then you’ve come to the right place. Happy and Clean is a tried-and-true company with a great track record in providing various cities and towns across Ontario with top-notch cleaning performance.

Our coverage extends to all areas of Whitby. Contact us and ask us for a quote. We guarantee that you won’t get better prices in your area for the benefits you’ll receive through us.

Happy and Clean – Our Mission

We at Happy and Clean strive to deliver the cleanest environments for our customers. We are aware of the influence that cleanliness has on productivity and mood. We want you to succeed in life and your own business. When you choose us, you choose a real partner with whom you may be able to attain all your goals by improving your living and working conditions.

We value the trust that our customers place in us, and we work 110% to secure a happy client every time!

The Best Cleaning Services Whitby Has to Offer!

Many cleaning service providers take for granted the importance of doing a good cleaning job. Virtually anyone can clean, but not everyone knows how to clean well.

Have you ever booked a cleaning service and felt regret for spending money on a job you could have done better yourself? We understand your frustration. Our services in Whitby are performed in such a way that you’ll be left pleasantly wondering if you are in the same place you were just hours ago. People underestimate the potential that a good cleaning job has in overhauling a house or office’s overall image, and we want to be living proof of that!

Happy and Clean is not only specialized in homes but also in several business spaces such as offices, shops, industrial buildings, restaurants, and other similar structures. We also have our clients’ schedules in mind and offer customized plans for each particular scenario, whereas other Whitby cleaning companies may tie customers to limited presets and availability options.

We don’t discriminate against small-sized businesses or homes. We`re able to clean from the smallest studio apartment to the biggest building block in all of Whitby. We work with any type of structure and on any kind of surface.

You can call us to handle any type of situation, including:

Residential Cleaning Service Whitby

For those homeowners or renters who have no time to tend to their own homes. If you want more “me” time or really want to just arrive at your own house to rest instead of having to do more chores, then call us and book an appointment.

Office Cleaning Service Whitby

Instead of having to endure the arduous task of hiring and managing your own cleaning personnel, you can outsource your cleaning management with us. Many companies nowadays sign agreements with various third-party cleaning companies that offer much better returns for half the money needed to run a whole maintenance division.

One-off or On-going Cleaning Service Whitby

You can sign long-term agreements with us, or simply contact us for one-time jobs. We can offer services for specific situations such as a sporadic move-in or move-out. But we can also perform periodic cleaning tasks to render and maintain sterilized environments for your home, office, or establishment over a span of time.

Cleaning Services for Short-term Rentals and Airbnb Whitby

Our cleaning services in Whitby, Ontario, are also suited for Airbnb and short-term rental property owners, in order to deal with constant move-ins and move-outs. If you own a place destined for short-term renting, we will make sure to restore its pristine conditions for new guests. We guarantee that they will be left extremely satisfied and won’t even notice that there was a guest sleeping there before they arrived.

Spring Cleaning Services Whitby

Whitby, just like the rest of Ontario, gets very cold during winter, compelling people to stay inside. This invariably causes the environment to fill up with airborne pollutants. Houses and working spaces are like people: they also need to “breathe”! We offer spring cleaning services in Whitby and surrounding areas, to renew the air you breathe and to clean up all those areas you usually do not touch during the year. We also deal with the typical pollen build-up during springtime.

Cleaning for Seniors Whitby

For those outstanding senior citizens who spent all their life working hard to contribute to society, we also offer special plans devised to tend to their house-cleaning needs, paying special attention to the vulnerabilities that they acquire with age. Our staff is trained to deal especially with these age groups.

Carpet Cleaning Services Whitby

Carpets demand the use of special chemicals and equipment. We have all the required tools and eco-friendly products to leave your carpets completely dust-free, down to the felt lining.

Our vacuum cleaners have HEPA filtration devices adapted to prevent from spreading dust around the room. This will give customers with severe allergic profiles a chance to supervise our cleaning tasks without issues.

Mattress Cleaning Services Whitby

Happy and Clean can also deal with dirty mattresses, cleaning sweat stains, as well as several other contaminants and residues that linger in them after prolonged use. Mattresses are prone to build up excreted matter from our bodies, such as dead skin, sweat, and grime, as well as other pollutants like dust mites and corrosive chemicals. Our staff is especially careful when dealing with mattresses of all types, and uses top-of-the-line products and equipment to restore your sleeping surface.

COVID (Virus) Cleaning Services Whitby

Happy and Clean is an enemy of COVID-19 as well as other pathogens that remain hidden from the naked eye of Whitby inhabitants. Our mission is to eliminate as many health hazards as possible. We make this achievable through various standardized techniques aimed at sterilizing environments and surfaces where bacteria and viruses may thrive, especially the dreaded SARS-CoV-2.

Why Choose Happy and Clean?

Happy and Clean is not just for quick surface cleanings. Our methodology follows a nearly scientific approach, with strict safety measures, protocols, and guidelines, designed to deliver optimal results every time. Cleaning (in Whitby and elsewhere) requires discipline, and it’s a value that lacks in many other cleaning businesses. Our cleaning method delivers time-efficient techniques, to guarantee a quality service that also saves you time.

At Happy and Clean, we are true to the “Time is Money” proverb. Cleaning is more than a chore, it’s anĀ investment. But why sacrifice your most precious asset (time) when you can spare a bit of money on a competent cleaning company that will help you deal with all the “dirty work” and enhance your quality of life and your workflow as a result.

Moreover, Happy and Clean has all kinds of plans designed with your budget in mind. You don’t have to be a big investor or business owner to request affordable quotes from us.

Happy and Clean offers:

Customer-Focused Service

Frequent requests from happy customers make up a giant portion of our revenue. There’s a reason for that! We are focused on the clients and their needs and we make efforts to manage them efficiently. People who liked our work are prone to call us back for more services, even those who only planned to pay for a one-time deal originally. Consequently, our business expanded to other areas of Ontario, and now. people can take advantage of some of the most professional Whitby cleaning services.

We also make sure that we only incorporate professionals with a “Happy and Clean”. attitude and outstanding character, to make our presence as pleasing as possible to customers. Lastly, our human resources department makes sure to check all our employees’ criminal backgrounds and they hire only those with the most outstanding character and accountability.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents

The products chosen by Happy and Clean are registered as “safe” for home and business usage and don’t contain any volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). We only work with the most environmentally aware suppliers to f0ster a green culture and contribute to sustainable cleaning options.

Low-carbon and Advanced Cleaning Equipment

The Happy and Clean staff uses only the best tools and accessories available on the market for cleaning virtually all types of manmade surfaces, and we make sure that our appliances and devices are energy-efficient.

Trained Professionals

Our personnel goes through a very extensive customer service program in order to comply with our client management framework. They’re also trained to provide a uniform experience in every space they work in so that you know exactly what to expect with each visit.

Mobile Service Teams Whitby

Happy and Clean has mobile cleaning units operating throughout Whitby, Ontario in optimal conditions and with the necessary equipment to perform a cleaning job on the go and provide personalized, on-site quotations and rates.

Our mobile cleaning services can reach all homes and business establishments anywhere in Whitby and you can contact our offices to request a mobile unit sent to your location for a free check.

Non-intrusive Cleaning

Our cleaning squads will only work at those moments of the day when you are not disturbed. You can choose to have them arrive at your living space when you’re at work or doing other chores.

Our professionals are also taught to respect and not hinder a company’s workflow while cleaning, so, as a business owner, you don’t need to worry about a cleaner driving off customers unnecessarily or disturbing the employees.

Cleaning Agents Included in Price

There is no small text on our contracts. All products used during the service are included in the price, so you don’t need to worry about invoices not matching what was originally offered.