Cleaning Services Ajax

Are you looking for cleaning services in Ajax, Ontario? Look no further. Happy and Clean is at your service. We help you create a perfect living and working environment all year long. You can contact us and book an appointment for the best cleaning services available in the Ajax area.

We operate in the entire town of Ajax, and you can freely contact us for a competitive quote. You would be hard-pressed to find a better value for your money.

With Happy and Clean, we guarantee you a perfect professional cleaning service delivering that will exceed your expectations.

Our Mission

At Happy and Clean, we strive to bring the best results for a cleaner house or business space across the town of Ajax, rendering a world-class service that should satisfy the most demanding customers.

For us, your success is our success, and your failure is our failure. Environment is an important factor in every person’s life and work, and we want to make sure that your environment is as optimal as possible to enhance your productivity and mood, creating a cleaner space for you, your family, guests and work colleagues.

The Best Cleaning Services Ajax Has to Offer!

Our business has grown considerably thanks to our faithful customers who appreciate and trust in the value of our work. We already have a reputation of being one of the best cleaning service providers in various towns and areas across Ontario.

Have you ever hired cleaning services in Ajax only to be left with “buyer’s remorse”? You would probably feel as if, with your limited time, you would have fared better, saving money in the process. With us, you will not experience any regret, as we work hard to make our work noticeable (in a good way) and to perform a perfect job. We only bring you the best professionals that will take care of every detail, and you might be able to witness that from the moment they walk through the door.

Our offerings are not restricted to homes. We also offer cleaning services for businesses and industrial buildings of any size or type (in Ajax). Our schedules are flexible, allowing you to choose the dates and hours of the day that best suit your particular circumstances and requirements. We can work in any structure in town.

Residential Cleaning Services Ajax

Happy and Clean can offer homeowners the chance of a one-stop cleaning service (in Ajax) that is trustworthy. We provide both whole-home and partial room cleaning to cater to diverse cleaning needs.

If you are worried about the fact that you have to spend some money on cleaning services, think of it as an investment. “Time is money” says the proverb. The last thing you’ll want to do after getting home from work is to work some more. You should be able to simply relax, watch a movie, play a game, spend time with your kids or spouse, or perhaps even do nothing at all. Your weekends can also be chore-free by relying on us to do the hard (and sometimes ungrateful) job of keeping the house in good hygiene.

To illustrate the point, were you to dedicate 2 hours a week to clean your house, that would make 96 hours in a year, a whopping 4 days! That’s not an amount of time you would like to have wasted, and if you happen to have a large family, you’d probably have to add 1 cleaning session per week, which amounts to a week and a day per year.

After considering what we explained above, wouldn’t you rather hire a competent cleaning service provider like Happy and Clean to take care of the hassle?

Office and Commercial Cleaning Services Ajax

Happy and Clean has a premium plan for office and commercial buildings, restaurants, shops, retail establishments, and other businesses around Ajax. Many large commercial buildings have divisions dedicated to cleaning and maintenance. This may mean having to tend to a large payroll and going through a lot of frustrating and cumbersome hiring processes.

Think about the amount of money you’ll need to spend by having your own cleaning staff and the time and work it takes to supervise them. With Happy and Clean, you don’t have to worry about any of those issues and you’ll save a lot of money in the process. In fact, many companies nowadays have outsourced their cleaning management for that reason.

We offer custom cleaning plans for all business sizes and budgets. You don’t need to worry about having to pay the same amount of money that a large company would. We adjust to both small office spaces and entire building blocks.

Contact our service center now and book an appointment with us. We’ll deliver a satisfactory cleaning service in Ajax at a reasonable cost for your office or establishment, guaranteed!

What Cleaning Services (In Ajax) Does Happy and Clean Offer?

We offer a wide array of cleaning services in Ajax, adapted for residences and business buildings. We guarantee professional results with every delivery.

The services included are:

  • House and Home Cleaning (in Ajax):

If you decide to trust us with your cleaning duties, you won’t have to worry about including the following chores in your busy schedule:

  • Take out the trash
  • Mop the floor
  • Vacuum the rug
  • Clean the sheets
  • Do the dishes
  • Clean appliance exteriors
  • Clean cooking devices like oven, stove, or microwave (surface)
  • Sanitize doorknobs
  • Clean tables and chairs, and polish wooden furniture
  • Clean bathroom and change towels
  • Clean mirrors and other bedroom accessories
  • Among many others!

Contact Happy and Clean now. We can arrange a custom cleaning schedule devised especially to make your life easier.


  • Office and Commercial Cleaning Services Ajax

A clean workplace is ideal to impress customers and to provide employees with a place they’d wish to work in.

We at Happy and Clean offer specific cleaning services for businesses all around Ajax. Our professionals are trained to handle the cleaning tasks without hindering the workflow or annoying clients.

  • On-going Cleaning and Housekeeping in Ajax

Happy and Clean offers both one-off and on-going services. Our one-off services are designed for specific events, such as a move-in.

But you can also take advantage of our longer-term plans. With our on-going services, we’ll make sure to free your living or working spaces from pathogens and hygiene hazards collected over various periods. Both the kitchen and bathrooms are exhaustively cleaned and sterilized. We also mop and vacuum all surfaces and disinfect areas of common use for disease prevention.

Our maintenance contracts are tailored to your specific working or living schedule, so you won’t need to worry about choosing between a limited list of schedule options. We can also arrange twice-weekly, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly plans, or any other plan in-between those alternatives.

  • Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning Services in Ajax (long and short-term rentals and Airbnb).

Landlords who need to clean a living space for new tenants can take advantage of our one-off services, as well as new tenants or homeowners who want a fresh house or apartment to move to.

Moving is already a burdensome process for both families and businesses. Why make it more stressful if you can count on Happy and Clean to “do the dirty work”? You can also get your security deposit back without breaking a sweat.

We also work in tandem with the landlords and owners of short-term rental and Airbnb properties, to adapt to the more dynamic move-in and move-out processes and to clean up the mess that guests leave behind. We’ll also report all the problems detected in the property upon arrival.

  • Apartment and Condo Cleaning Services Ajax

We likewise offer plans for small apartments and condo cleaning services in Ajax. These are designed to be more affordable for small owners or renters who have a busy life. Happy and Clean is glad to provide the best Ajax condo cleaning services!

  • Cleaning for Seniors in Ajax

Happy and Clean also cater to those who had laid the foundations of our modern society. Seniors can count on our services to save them the physical burdens associated with cleaning. If you are a senior citizen with limited mobility, you won’t have to suffer back pain or unnecessary injuries. We’ll be there to do the heavy work.

  • Spring Cleaning Services Ajax

We all know about the harsh Ontario winters and how pollutants build up during this season, when people spend more time indoors. When spring starts, it’s a good opportunity to get a fresh start on your home or office. We offer intensive cleaning sessions to make sure that no corner is left unattended and to avoid any health issues that may ensue from all the accumulated pathogens.

It’s also recommended that you call us back during fall, as plants and trees release pollen into the air during this time, which may mingle with spores and dust and leaving exposed those prone to allergies.

  • Carpet Cleaning Services Ajax

Carpets are very sensitive when it comes to their treatment, requiring special chemicals and equipment to clean them. We are equipped with the latest eco-friendly products and state-of-the-art tools and appliances to leave your carpet flooring, and our professionals will make sure to leave your carpets entirely dust-free, down to the felt lining.

Our vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filtration devices that remove dust without spreading it around the room. You can be around to supervise our cleaning tasks without the risk of triggering allergies.

  • Mattress Cleaning Services Ajax

Happy and Clean can also treat mattresses, cleaning sweat stains and other pollutants that remain in them after long usage. Mattresses tend to accumulate a lot of dust mites and dead skin, as well as other chemicals expelled from our bodies. We take special care when dealing with mattresses of all types, and are supplied with top-of-the-line products and equipment to restore your sleeping surface to its pristine glory.

  • COVID (Virus) Cleaning Services Ajax

We at Happy and Clean also take special precautions to make sure your home and office are free from any surface contaminated with bacteria and viruses, especially COVID-19, our latest threat.