Cleaning Services Aurora

If you’re looking for a cleaning service provider in Aurora, Ontario, then look no further! Happy and Clean is at your disposal to help you keep your home, office, or commercial establishment in top hygiene conditions. Contact us to book an appointment with us. You won’t be disappointed.

We deliver cleaning services in all areas of Aurora, and we can reach your location, wherever that is. You can request a competitive quote and you’ll see that there is absolutely no better value for your money.

Happy and Clean – Our Mission

We at Happy and Clean are working every day to give the best we got when it comes to creating cleaner environments across the town of Aurora and its surroundings. We strive to attain a reputation as a world-class cleaning service provider that exceeds the customers’ expectations. We want to be more than your regular Aurora cleaning company. We want to be your partners, accompanying you every step of the way to improve your life and your business.

We understand the importance that good hygiene has, not only on your physical health but also on the psychological level. Recent studies have laid out how depression is, at times, linked with cluttered and dirty spaces. People also tend to focus better on organized and clean working spaces. Happy and Clean takes all these factors into account and offers ways to optimize time and workflow, as well as to enhance your quality of life.

The Best Cleaning Services Aurora Has to Offer!

The bulk of Happy and Clean’s success has been, in great part, due to our faithful customers who trust in the work we do. This is what motivates us to keep performing.

Perhaps you’ve been in situations in which you paid for an Aurora cleaning service that was underwhelming and left you thinking that you could perhaps do it better, even in your limited time. We guarantee that you won’t experience any type of “buyer’s remorse” with us. We want you to notice what we do and the difference we make to your environments. Our professionals are also very exhaustive and won’t leave any dirty spots behind.

The scope of our work is not limited to home, but extends also to offices, as well as commercial and industrial structures, no matter their size. Our cleaning services in Aurora cover basically any type of building and space, and our plans are devised to cater to both big and small businesses.


You can call us to cover the following situations:

Residential cleaning service Aurora:

For those people in Aurora who want to live life to the fullest and don’t wish to spend 4 hours a week on cleaning duties.

Office cleaning service Aurora

If you want to save money that otherwise would be destined to payrolls, and save time by not having to supervise a dedicated cleaning staff. Many businesses outsource their cleaning management due to those factors, and our personnel is trained to adapt to the workflow of offices and commercial establishments.

One-off or On-going cleaning service Aurora

Happy and clean has one-off cleaning services designed for specific occasions such as sporadic move-ins or move-outs, both for tenants who are moving and want to clean on the way out or to enter a clean space, and for landlords who need to pave the way for new renters.

Our on-going cleaning services are intensive sessions that are scheduled according to the customers’ convenience, in order to keep a living and working place in optimal conditions consistently.

Cleaning services for short-term rentals and Airbnb Aurora

If you are an owner of an Airbnb or short-term rental property in Aurora, you can request our collaboration in order to deal with constant move-ins and move-outs. Our staff will make sure that the rooms or apartments are ready for new guests, and will report any incident or damage upon arrival.

Spring Cleaning Services Aurora

Happy and Clean is especially prepare for a winter’s worth of dust and pathogen build-up in your living and working space, and will take all the necessary measures to sterilize and give new life to these environments.

Cleaning for Seniors Aurora

Our staff at Happy and Clean is capable of dealing with customers beyond the age of retirement, in order to make their life easier. With our efforts, we’ll help reduce the injuries and pains that result from old age by doing all the heavy cleaning work.

Carpet cleaning services Aurora

Happy and Clean is fully equipped and trained to handle carpets and carpet floors. In our carpet cleaning services, we restrict ourselves to using only eco-friendly chemicals, and the devices and appliances used are very lenient towards customers with allergies who want to supervise our work.

Mattress cleaning services Aurora

Happy and Clean also successfully handles mattresses, making sure that no damage is caused to the fabric and providing you with a brand-new sleeping surface.

COVID Cleaning Services Aurora

With Happy and Clean, you can rest assured that your home, office, shop, restaurant, or factory building will be devoid of dangerous viruses like COVID-19, as well as other pollutants and health hazards. We achieve that by using a very thorough sterilizing process that takes care of lingering pathogens that survive in the different surfaces that make up your living or working space.


Why Choose Happy and Clean?

Happy and Clean does not conform to a simple quick clean. We have very standard cleaning methods that follow strict measures and protocols in order to make sure that we deliver consistent results. You may say that our cleaning (in Aurora and surrounding areas) is almost scientific in its approach. We also follow time-efficient techniques, so we guarantee record deliveries without sacrificing quality.

Many people are under the impression that, by paying for a cleaning service, they are wasting money. Rather, we say that “Time is Money” and is one of the most valuable assets a person can have. You can employ the time you usually spend on cleaning or supervising cleaning personnel on other interests, while we do all the “dirty work”.

You can also contact us regardless of your status. Whether you have a small rented studio apartment or an entire building block, Happy and Clean offers reasonable prices for your budgetary limits.


Happy and Clean operates on these principles:

Customer-Focused Service

Customers are a company’s greatest asset. Without happy clients, we wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Satisfied clients comprise a large portion of our revenue (as you can imagine). People who were impressed by the excellent quality of our cleaning performances call back for further jobs. As a result, we were able to expand the business to other areas of Ontario, and now. many people can benefit from professional Aurora cleaning services.

In Happy and Clean, we strive to please clients, adjusting to their schedules and particular situations. Many cleaning service providers offer limited schedule options for their customers, but we adapt to the client’s needs while offering custom on-going contract options and plans.

You can count on us to send reliable cleaning staff with a professional demeanor and an attitude that is “Happy and Clean”.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents

Happy and Clean are very aware of environmental damages caused by many cleaning products. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint and the ecological impacts of our activities. You won’t find an eco-friendlier Aurora cleaning service than through us.

The products we use are registered as “safe” for home and business usage, and all our chemicals are devoid of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs).

State-Of-The-Art Cleaning Equipment

We ensure that the Happy and Clean staff only uses the best tools available for cleaning any type of surface, from microfiber cloths to more complex machinery like vacuums, to leave the living and working spaces looking totally revamped.

Trained Professionals

Our employees go through a customer service program to get acquainted with the ethos behind our client management. They also have workers’ compensation and insurance in case of accidents, so you don’t need to worry about any liability in that regard.

Lastly, all our personnel goes through a criminal and background check. Happy and Clean only hires people who demonstrate outstanding character and professional behavior, since we know the risks of allowing strangers into highly private areas, and customers are understandably wary of trusting people they’ve probably never seen before.

Mobile Service Teams Aurora

Happy and Clean operates mobile cleaning squads around the town of Aurora, Ontario, with low-emission vehicles that won’t emit annoying gases, nor leak oil on your driveway. The cars carry all the necessary equipment to handle all the cleaning tasks.

Our mobile cleaning services are able to reach all homes, businesses, commercial buildings, and offices anywhere in Aurora. You can contact our headquarters if you want a mobile unit sent to your home for quotation, no strings attached!

Remote Cleaning

You won’t have to worry about having a cleaning team bothering you at inconvenient times when you are at home trying to spend quality time alone, with family, partner, or guests. The teams will try to arrive when you are doing chores outside the house to avoid intrusion into your private space.

For businesses, our staff makes sure that the workflow is not interrupted during cleaning sessions and we examine different ways to arrange the session for that purpose.

Cleaning Agents Included in Price

Imagine all the money you’ll save on detergents and cleaning products! We won’t ask you to provide the personnel with any product, and the chemicals we use come directly from suppliers, so you’ll benefit from highly discounted eco-friendly chemicals.