Cleaning Services in Newmarket

You don’t need to search any longer for a competent cleaning service in Newmarket, Ontario. Happy and Clean is your go-to cleaner for your home, office, or establishment, with an amazing reputation throughout Ontario and its surrounding areas.

We cover all corners of Newmarket and we can assure you that you won’t get better deals with any other provider in town.

Happy and Clean – Our Mission

We at Happy and Clean have, as our top priority, our customers’ satisfaction. “A cluttered room is a cluttered mind,” says the adage. We stand beside those who want to keep their environments clean and tidy, but who are burdened with very tight working schedules. We are aware of the impact that a clean space has on a person’s physical and mental health, and how an optimized environment is important to attain better mood and productivity.

We don’t want to be just your regular cleaner. Happy and Clean wants to be a part of your life or business. We want to be key to your success, and that’s why we give 110% on every job we perform.

The Best Cleaning Services Newmarket Has to Offer!

Many people underestimate the value of investing in a good cleaning service. For them, it’s a waste of money. Understandably, people who have spent a sizable amount of money on a cleaning session may be left disappointed by the poor returns delivered by most cleaners. It’s hard to find a good cleaner with a sense of accountability and who understands the relevance of good client management. We, however, are reminded that customers have a leading role in our progress.

Happy and clean is polyvalent, able to work on virtually all surface types and all structure sizes. We have customized cleaning plans for both businesses and homes alike, knowing how to tackle each particular situation. You can contact our headquarters anytime to ask for a quote, and we will give you a personalized plan based on your specific circumstances. We don’t tie our clients or potential customers to cookie-cutter plans with services or features they don’t need.

What Type of Cleaning Services Do Happy and Clean Newmarket Cleaners Offer?

Happy and Clean has an ample catalog of cleaning services (in Newmarket and its surroundings) for residences, commercial establishments, and offices. We can take care of a huge variety of cleaning needs, including:

Residential Cleaning Service Newmarket:

Fathers and mothers who feel they just don’t have enough time to spend with their kids, or people who simply want to have time to perform their favorite activities or to do other chores can count on us to cover for them and to fill their cleaning duties. Normal people, on average, spend 2 to 4 hours a week cleaning their own homes. With happy and Clean, those hours can be spent watching your favorite sport or having a blast with your children and/or spouse. We cover every corner and room in your house, and you can count on us for a very fast and efficient Newmarket house cleaning option.

Office Cleaning Service Newmarket

Companies nowadays hardly have a fixed maintenance staff. Most of them perform maintenance through outsourced service providers. We will help you save time and money on staff management and large payrolls. If you are a building manager or a person in charge of supervising personnel, you don’t need to go through all the hassle of enrolling new employees or deal with slacking workers. We guarantee to send our best operators to do a superb cleaning job, without disrupting the office’s workflow.

One-off or On-going Cleaning Service Newmarket

Happy and clean has one-off cleaning services meant for one-time events such as an occasional move-in or move-out, both for tenants who want to leave no trace of mess on their old abodes or want a clean start in their new place, as well as for landlords who need a clean space to offer to new guests.

Our on-going cleaning services consist of intensive periodic sessions that are aimed at providing customers with a continually fresh environment and are arranged according to a specific customer’s convenience.

Cleaning services for short-term rentals and Airbnb Newmarket

Airbnb or short-term rental property owners in Newmarket can request our assistance in dealing with a dynamic flow of move-ins and move-outs. Our cleaners will make it their mission to leave rooms ready for the new occupants, and will keep track of every detail left by old guests.

Spring Cleaning Services Newmarket

Happy and Clean knows the hazards of having an entire winter’s worth of dust and pathogen build-ups in your living and working space and will follow strict measures to make sure that houses, offices, or establishments are properly sterilized and renewed, handling those surfaces or portions that are usually not tended to throughout the year.

Cleaning for Seniors Newmarket

Our seniors deserve the best treatment money can buy. Our seniors cleaning services are especially designed to improve the quality of life of those who are going through their retirement years, making sure to sprinkle and clean those spots that they can’t reach due to limited mobility.

Carpet cleaning services Newmarket

Carpets are some of the most difficult surfaces to clean since they require a lot of specialized equipment and chemicals. We carry our most advanced carpet cleaning devices and the most eco-friendly products to make your carpet in Newmarket look as good as when first installed or placed.

Mattress cleaning services Newmarket

Mattresses are able to gather some of the most disgusting pollutants in the entire house or room. We are able to rid it of the usual sweat stains, grime, dead skin, and bodily odors, making your night’s sleep pleasant again.

COVID Cleaning Services Newmarket

Happy and clean is trained and equipped to deal with COVID-19, as well as other pathogens and bacteria lingering on every surface of the house, office, restaurant, or establishment.

Why Choose Happy and Clean?

Happy and Clean is not just a conventional cleaning company. We have a standardized cleaning mechanism, with strict protocols and quality control measures to ensure that our clients are always satisfied. Our methods are also designed to be time-efficient and yielding.

You won’t be left thinking you would have done a better job yourself. We will always make you proud of your investment while you spent your valuable time on your favorite hobbies or doing something productive.

We do not cater to a specific tier or target audience. We can work with people from all backgrounds and with all profiles, from the most austere renter to the most successful business manager.

These are the principles that we abide by:

Customer-Focused Service

A company is simply not complete without customers, and we make sure that customers requiring cleaning services in Newmarket feel like they are the center of our business.

Servicing happy clients makes up a gigantic portion of our revenue. This means that we would not be able to expand to other towns and cities inside Ontario were it not for the satisfaction provided to all the people we’ve worked with.

You can count on us to send trustworthy cleaners who display a professional demeanor and a “Happy and Clean” attitude throughout the cleaning process.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents

Happy and Clean also cares about the planet. That’s why we only buy our products from suppliers who have demonstrably high regard and care for the environment. The products are all free from VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) in order to provide a scent of freshness after each cleaning session and after ridding your living and working space of particulate pollutants.

Cutting-Edge Cleaning Equipment

Happy and Clean only works with high-quality cleaning tools suited for all types of surfaces. Everything we use, from the microfiber cloths to the vacuum cleaners, has all the necessary features to deliver a cleaning experience that customers will crave for.

Trained Professionals

All our employees must go through a customer service program to be introduced to our methodology for building strong client relationships, and their criminal background and overall character are also thoroughly checked during the hiring process to ensure that you have trustworthy professionals at your home while you’re away.

Mobile Service Teams Newmarket

Happy and Clean operates mobile cleaning cars in Newmarket, Ontario, carrying all the equipment needed to handle any kind of cleaning job.

They’re also able to reach every corner of Newmarket in record time. You can contact our office if you want a mobile unit delivered to your home for a free on-site quotation.

Remote Cleaning

Our teams will always arrive at the destination at the most convenient times, for we understand that our customers deserve to have their personal space respected. They won’t be bothering you during those moments when you want the house by yourself, or when the business is at its busiest point of the day.

Cleaning Agents Included in Price

Yes! You read that correctly. No small prints and no hidden clauses! Our prices include all the cleaning products we use, so you can take advantage of the bulk discount we get from our trusted suppliers.