Happy and Clean Hamilton – Hamilton Cleaning Services for Happy and Clean

If you’re looking for the best home cleaning service in Hamilton, you’re safe in the hands of Happy and Clean. We’re a team that’s passionate about making your life – Happy and Clean.

If the stress and hassle of housework are eating into your schedule, or you can’t find the time to get around to cleaning your office, give us a call. We’re ready to show you what’s possible when you have a professional team working with you to keep your home or business premises in tip-top shape.

Contact our offices, and we’ll arrange a cleaning. We take bookings online through our client website portal or call us directly on 127 551 0026. With Happy and Clean, we want to make it easy for you to keep your home looking and smelling fresh and clean.

We offer residential and commercial cleaning services for all types of properties. Our trained teams can assist you with custom cleaning requests for your property.

Leverage our skills and experience to find more time in your life for what matters most to you. With Happy and Clean, you get a cleaning service in Hamilton that frees up your time to get more out of your relationships and career.

Happy and Clean is available for residents and business owners in Hamilton and surrounding areas. We operate across the GTA, and we’re just a call away.


Happy and Clean Hamilton – A Prestigious Deep Cleaning and Maid Service in Hamilton

Happy and Clean offers you a top-level maids service in Hamilton. If you have an apartment or a home or run an Airbnb, call Happy and Clean for assistance. We have a team that’s ready to bring order into the chaos of running your household or your business.

Once you experience the Happy and Clean difference for yourself, you’ll never look back at your decision to outsource cleaning your home.

The reality is that most homeowners think of cleaning their property as a chore they wish they could avoid. It’s not that they don’t value the cleanliness of the home. It’s just that you probably would rather be spending time helping your kids with their homework or watching some TV rather than coming home to scrub out the toilets, right?

Happy and Clean take the responsibility of cleaning your home or office off of your hands. We give you a hotel-like experience that gives you more time in your day. Think about the productivity gains for your career, the quality time with your family, and the less stress you have in your life when you have us cleaning your property for you.


Happy and Clean – Hamilton Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

Happy and Clean offers you commercial and residential cleaning of any property, anywhere in Hamilton. We promise you high-quality results that leave your home feeling like a serviced hotel suite.

We’ll clean your office to professional standards, ensuring your clients and employees have a clean, hygienic workplace. Use Happy and Clean to bolster your employee and customer experience and keep everybody happy and clean.


Hamilton Residential Cleaning Services

Happy and Clean offers your home a bespoke cleaning service tailored to your needs. We have customized cleaning plans catering to any cleaning requirement. We realize every home is different, but our results are consistent.

We will clean studios, condos, apartments, and single-family homes. Contact Happy and Clean for the best residential cleaning service in Hamilton. 

Reach out to us and book your cleaning service right now. Let Happy and Clean take the hassle and stress out of cleaning your home.

Whether you need a one-off deep-clean, a regular weekly cleaning service or a light maids service, Happy and Clean have the solution. We offer you move-in/out cleaning services to help you recover your security deposit or attract new tenants.

Our highly-skilled teams have experience cleaning all types of homes across Hamilton and the GTA, and we want to show you why we’re the best!


Hamilton Commercial Cleaning Services

Business owners need to focus on what makes their business great. While having a clean and tidy premise is critical to improving your CX and EX, we think you’re probably focusing more on leads and sales than clean carpets. That’s where Happy and Clean come into the picture. We’ll clean your office or business location without getting in your way.

Happy and Clean can keep your business or office looking like a professional space your clients and employees can trust. Our cleaning services will leave your office or business premises looking and feeling fresh and hygienic.

Contact our service center, and we’ll discuss a custom cleaning plan to suit the requirements of your workplace environment and client-facing areas.


Happy and Clean – Professional Cleaning Service Hamilton

Happy and Clean has a reputation as the premier cleaning service in Hamilton, Toronto, and the GTA. We’re confident you won’t find another team that will leave your premises looking, smelling, and feeling this good. We realize our reputation is in our client’s hands.

It’s our clients that determine the trajectory of our business and our success in the market. That’s why we aim to deliver a service that’s beyond your expectations. Only by giving you a WOW experience can we expect you to talk about us to people you know.

We want you to spread good things about us on your social media platforms. We want you to receive comments from your friends and customers about how clean your home or office is whenever they visit. Most of all, we want you to feel like we’re adding value to your life.

When you hire the team at Happy and Clean, you can expect us to live up to the minimum level of service in our commitment to you. Here’s what you get with the Happy and Clean experience.

  • Competitive rates and easy bookings.
  • Personalized and customized cleaning experiences with dedicated, managed teams.
  • Team captains monitor and inspect results before we leave the site.
  • World-class cleaning standards and levels of excellence.
  • Sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and pet-friendly cleaning products.
  • 100% customer service satisfaction guarantee.
  • Free quotes for commercial and residential properties.

Reach out to our service center at 127 551 0026. Someone from the Happy and Clean team will walk you through everything you need to know about booking our cleaning service in Hamilton. Let the professionals handle cleaning your home while you get on with life’s responsibilities.

We offer you a range of customized cleaning plans options to add to your service. We can clean your home to your specifications and your expectations. By the time we finish with you home, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think about calling us sooner!

Happy and Clean is ready to take the responsibility of cleaning your home off your hands. Sure, that dinner party with your brother and his wife last night was fun, but going home to the dishes after a long day at the office doesn’t sound fun, right?

With Happy and Clean, you can walk through the door after work and breathe a sigh of relief. Everything is clean and in the right place. The dishes are packed away, and the floors are swept, vacuumed, and mopped, with all surfaces sparkling in the fading sunlight.

All you have to do is sit on the couch and enjoy the evening. That sure beats coming home to a house smelling like old food, with sticky floors and surfaces and a mountain of dishes in the sink.

Think about the time you waste every week cleaning your home. What could you be doing with that time? How much more could you accomplish with your relationships and life with Happy and Clean taking care of your chores?

Happy and Clean – Our Mission and Commitment to You

With Happy and Clean, you get a team dedicated to excellence. When we commit to cleaning your home or office, we deliver on your promises. We rate ourselves as the best cleaning company in Hamilton, and we pride ourselves on providing a world-class experience to our clients.

Call our service center on 127 551 0026 or use the online booking portal on this website to book your cleaning service. With Happy and Clean, we make it as easy and effortless as possible to get our services into your home or business.

When you hire Happy and Clean, you can expect us to bring you a professional service you can trust for results and consistency.


Licensed, Insured, and Bonded Cleaning Services in Hamilton

We are a professional cleaning company. We have the licenses and the insurance to cover you for any liability while we are in your home completing work. If something goes wrong on-site, that’s our problem, not yours.


Customer-First Service Focus

At Happy and Clean, we understand that your home or office is a unique living and working environment. That’s why we offer a range of customizable cleaning options on top of our standard cleaning plans. Just tell us your requirements, and we’ll clean to your standards and expectations.


Certified Cleaning Professionals

We understand that it seems weird to invite strangers into your home to do the cleaning. We want you to relax and know you are in good hands. We run background checks on our employees before welcoming them to the team. Every member of our staff undergoes rigorous training to ensure they know how to clean to the Happy and Clean standard of excellence.


Dedicated and Managed Teams

Our cleaning teams don’t waste time. We arrive at your premises, ready to work., We have everything we need on hand to do the job, and our teams clean efficiently and effectively. After finishing, our team captains will inspect the work to ensure we didn’t miss anything.


No Contracts Required

Happy and Clean believes in letting our service results do the talking for us. We don’t lock you into any contracts. You get a pay-as-you-go service that has no obligation for you to continue using us. It’s up to us to prove our value to your household, your office, and your life. However, we’re confident you’ll be back. More than 80% of our business comes from repeat clients.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With happy and Clean, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work. If we clean your property and it doesn’t meet your standards, contact our service center right away. We’ll have a manager work with you to examine your photos of the problem. We’ll send a team out to your location to resolve the issue ASAP.

Hamilton Cleaning Services with Happy and Clean

Happy and Clean offers our clients a comprehensive range of cleaning services. We cover any property and any type of cleaning you need.

Whether you’re a landlord needing to deep clean a unit, a homeowner looking for a light maid’s service, or a business owner looking for a weekly cleaning team, Happy and clean has what you need. Contact our service center, and we’ll discuss the requirements for keeping your home or office Happy and Clean.


Deep Cleaning and Spring Cleaning in Hamilton

Suck every last nanogram of dust, grit, and grime out of your home or office with deep cleaning services from Happy and Clean.

 Our deep cleaning services are ideal for people moving in or out of a home. You can also get value from this service by using it for a seasonal boost to keep your home looking and smelling great.

Happy and Clean will wash cabinets, polish and restore wooden surfaces and furniture, vacuum blinds, curtains, and upholstery. We clean your oven, wipe the ceiling fan blades, and complete any other cleaning tasks that get your home or office back in baseline clean condition.


Guest House and Airbnb Cleaning Hamilton

If you own a guest house or Airbnb, why go to the hassle of cleaning up other people’s mess when you can have us do it for you? We’ll return your property to a condition that’s fit for your new guest. We’ll remake the beds, wipe down the surfaces, vacuum the floors, and clean the windows in operation for your new occupant.


Ceiling and Wall Cleaning Hamilton

Let us keep your walls clean and free from residue. Our wall cleaning service can remove those stains, and we’ll get your room ready for a new coat of paint.


Blind and Curtain Cleaning Hamilton

Curtains and blinds are magnets for dust, and they need regular cleaning if you want them to look their best. Happy and Clean knows how to work with all types of blinds, from wood to PVC. We also have experience working with all kinds of materials for drapes and curtains. We can clean the curtains and rehang them for seasonal freshening.


Carpet Cleaning Hamilton

Carets are great for the cold winter, preventing the cold from rising through the floor. However, they are a pain to clean, and if something stains them, you need to replace the entire carpet.

Happy and Clean offers you professional carpet cleaning in Hamilton. We’ll strip the room and clean the carpets using the latest technology and green carpet cleaning solutions. We can lift stains and get your carpets looking like new.


Upholstery Cleaning Hamilton

We’ll clean any upholstery in your home or office. Our teams use the latest technology in cleaning systems and their knowledge of cleaning sensitive materials to produce outstanding results. We can clean furniture and upholstery without damaging delicate fabrics.


Window Cleaning Hamilton

Clean windows are a sign of a clean home or business. Happy and Clean offers you a streak-free window cleaning service. We’ll clean your windows, and we can also arrange to clean those hard-to-reach second-story windows. Our cleaners use proven techniques that leave your windows looking great. There is no streaking and no haze on the window after drying.


Restroom Cleaning Hamilton

Happy and Clean offers businesses restroom cleaning for restaurants, gas stations, and event venues in Hamilton. We’ll keep your restrooms hygienic and clean and to city code standards.


Retail Cleaning Hamilton

Happy and Clean offers cleaning services for any retail operation in Hamilton. We’ll clean our glass displays, vacuum and mop your floors, clean surfaces, and more; contact our service team about what we can do for you.


School Cleaning Hamilton

We assist learning institutions with cleaning classrooms, desks, chairs, and more. We work with private colleges and teaching facilities across Hamilton.


Medical Cleaning Hamilton

Happy and Clean works with doctor’s rooms, dentist’s offices, and any medical facility across Hamilton. We use medical-grade cleaning chemicals, and we leave everything sterile and dust-free for your patients. Our teams ensure we use HEPA filters on all our cleaning equipment.


Sports Cleaning Hamilton

Happy and Clean works with sports facilities like private gyms, yoga studios, wrestling rooms, and more. We’ll clean the mats, change rooms, showers, bathrooms, and more.


Contract Cleaning Hamilton

Happy and Clean brings you a contract-free cleaning service in Hamilton. However, we understand that some clients may need a contract for our services. Contact our service team, and we’ll discuss your needs.


Green Cleaning Hamilton

Happy and Clean understand that some of our clients may have concerns about our chemicals when cleaning your home. We utilize green chemicals and cleaning agents that meet government regulations and standards for biodegradability and eco-friendly use. Our chemicals have no VOCs and are pet-friendly. 

The Happy and Clean Proven Cleaning Process

Happy and Clean want you to give us the opportunity to work with you. Let us show you what life is like when you have us taking care of your cleaning responsibilities.

You can book our services directly through our online platform on this website. It’s a hassle-free process and the fastest way of booking your cleaning service. However, if you want to speak to someone, reach out to our call center at 127 551 0026, and we’ll discuss your cleaning requirements.

Happy and Clean gives you everything you need for a cleaning service for your home or office.


Customized Room Cleaning Plans

Happy and Clean lets your tailor your cleaning service to your needs. If you want us to clean specific rooms in your home, or you have personalized requests, leave them with us.


Whole-Home and Custom Cleaning Hamilton

Happy and Clean can clean your entire home from top to bottom. Our deep cleaning plans reach every square inch of your home.


Effective Cleaning Agents and Equipment

Our staff has specialized training in cleaning all types of surfaces and stains or deposits. There’s nothing we don’t know how to clean. We carry all the cleaning agents we need to ensure we get your home or office looking in tip-top condition.


Hamilton Cleaning Services with Happy and Clean

Happy and Clean operates all across the city of Hamilton. You’ll see our branded vehicles driving in every neighborhood, and we want your home or office to be our next success story!


Seasonal Cleaning Services

Give Happy and Clean a call if you need a hand with your spring cleaning. We’ll help you give your home a seasonal scrub down to reduce your housekeeping efforts for the next quarter.


Holiday Home Cleaning Hamilton

If you have a vacation home in Hamilton, or you have a seasonal residence or corporate housing, contact Happy and Clean. We’ll get your property back to its original condition before you arrive. Everything will be in order when you step through the door and smell fresh.


Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Cleaning Plans in Hamilton

We offer you a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning of your home or office. Contact Happy and Clean, and we’ll design a customized cleaning plan that suits your schedule.


Light Cleaning Services Hamilton

We offer a light maids service in Hamilton. If you have a reception at your business that needs light daily attention, give Happy and Clean a call. We’ll give your premises a once-over to keep it looking great for your clients and employees.

Why Choose Happy and Clean Hamilton?

With happy and Clean Hamilton, you’re getting a team dedicated to providing you with a clean home or business premises. We ensure that our team members go through a thorough training program before they ever set foot in a client’s home.

We understand the differences between cleaning agents and how they react with your property, surfaces, and materials. We also know the right cleaning systems to get the best results.


The Happy and Clean 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

With Happy and clean, you’re working with a team of professionals that you can trust. We believe that our customers have the final word on our services. While we can do our best to make sure that our services are world-class, it’s your voice that has the final say.

That’s why we aim to give you a top-shelf cleaning experience for your home or office. We take pride in our work with every job card we complete. However, we realize that there will always be a chance someone doesn’t experience the service they think they deserve.

That’s why we offer you our satisfaction guarantee. If everything doesn’t meet your expectations, call our service center.

We’ll have a manager look at the photos you send us of the issue. If there is any problem., we’ll send a team out to your property to redo the cleaning.


Happy Cleaners and Happy Home

Happy and Clean cleans offices and homes – that’s literally all we do! We focus on what we do best while leaving you to do what you do best. Why go through the stress and hassle of cleaning your home when you can have the experts do it for you?

Our teams are passionate about cleaning. We’ll arrive at your premises in our branded vehicle with our team wearing uniforms. Our team captain will introduce themselves to you and give you a briefing before we start work.


Hands-Off Cleaning of Your Home or Office

With Happy and Clean, we don’t require you to be at home while we complete our work. Leave your keys with a property manager or agent, and we’ll collect. You arrive home to find your place clean and smelling fresh after a hard day at the office.


On-Demand Services and No Ongoing Contracts

We offer you a completely contract-free cleaning experience for your home or office. If you don’t think you get the value you deserve from Hay and Clean, then there is no obligation for you to call us for our services again. However, we’re confident that you’ll be back. More than 80% of our business comes from returning clients.


Save Time and Energy and Avoid Frustration

How much time do you spend each year cleaning your home? If you send just one hour a week cleaning, that’s nearly four days of every year sent cleaning your home.

What could you be doing with four extra days in your year? The reality is most people spend far more time cleaning their home than just an hour a week. With Happy and Clean, you get time back in your life to do what matters most to you.


Leverage Our Professional Cleaning Standards

Our teams have extensive training, and they know how to clean homes and offices fast and efficiently. We always get top-shelf results with our cleaning methods. Leverage our experience and proven cleaning systems to keep your home or office looking great.


We’ll Work with Your Detergents

Happy and Clean understands that some of our clients might have special needs when it comes to using detergents and cleaning agents. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, were fine to work with your products. Mention it in your custom requirements when booking your cleaning, and our team will take care of the rest.


No Penalties for Rescheduling and Cancellations

Happy and Clean understands that sometimes even perfect plans go sour. If you have something come up with your schedule, and you can’t make it home or to the office for the cleaning, no problem.

Give us a call at 127 551 0026 or visit the client portal section of your account on our site.

We just ask that you give us 48-hours before your scheduled cleaning, and we’ll reschedule or cancel your appointment. Unlike other companies, there is no penalty fee or charge involved with canceling or rescheduling with Happy and Clean.

How Do I Start with Happy and Clean?

Starting with Happy and Clean is easy. Navigate to the client portal of this website and complete this user-friendly step-by-step process to book your cleaning appointment.


STEP 1 – Visit our Online Web Portal

Visit our online appointment page on the website and create your customer account.


STEP 2 – Choose a Standard Cleaning Plan

We offer you a selection of residential and office cleaning plans that suit your needs and budget.


STEP 3 – Enter Your Custom Cleaning Needs

Enter your custom cleaning requirements on the cleaning appointment service form.


Step 4 – Set the Cleaning Appointment Date

Select the appointment date for your business or residential cleaning service.


Step 5 – Make Your Payment

Select your payment method, and our team will email you your invoice. We won’t charge your card until 24-hours after the cleaning.

Book Happy and Clean Over the Phone

If you feel more comfortable talking with someone to make your booking, that’s fine with us. Contact our service center at 127 551 0026. We’ll book your cleaning date and take your custom cleaning requirements.


Best Maid and House Cleaning Services in Hamilton

The reality is, you have plenty of choices for selecting a cleaning company in Hamilton. However, with Happy and Clean, you’re getting a top-rated business you can trust working on your property. We have the right team, experience, and methods to clean your premises from top to bottom, with excellent results.

We specialize in cleaning apartments, studios, condos, single-family homes, estates, and offices. You might struggle to find the time to clean your home, but we always have time for the task. Let us take the responsibility of your household chores off your hands.

With Happy and Clean, our goal is to give you a hands-off cleaning experience that adds value to your life.


Happy and Clean – We Go Beyond Your Expectations

With happy and Clean, you’re hiring a team that goes beyond your expectations. We ensure that you get the results you want for your home or office. Happy and Clean gives you our 100% satisfaction guarantee on every appointment we complete.

Happy and Clean Cleaning Services Hamilton – Our Rates

Happy and Clean brings you the best range of cleaning services in Hamilton at affordable rates. We’re a national cleaning provider, and we have offices all over the GTA and Canada.

We benefit from discounted rates on cleaning agents from our supplier network that we pass down to you. You get a premium cleaning service at an affordable cost.

We offer you two options for cleaning. Happy and Clean residential and cleaning plans are available for any size home or business premises. Book directly through our web portal, or call our service center at 127 551 0026 for immediate assistance finalizing your booking.


Happy and Clean Residential Cleaning Plans Hamilton

Choose the residential cleaning plan to suit your studio, apartment, condo, single-family home, or estate. If you’re a homeowner and need us to work out a custom cleaning plan, contact our service center and speak with one of our agents.

Basic Home Cleaning Plan

We provide a welcome gift (and surprise) for new customers during your first month with us.

Our basic residential cleaning plans give you the following tasks included in your cleaning package.

  • Custom cleaning schedules.
  • Carpet brushing.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Floor vacuuming.
  • Bathroom cleaning.
  • Kitchen cleaning.

* Please read through our terms and conditions before selecting your plan.


Happy and Clean Commercial Cleaning Plans in Hamilton

Let Happy and Clean maintain your office or business premises. You’ll find three standard plans available e to suit any business size. If you have special requests, leave them in your contact form or reach out to our service center to make a request.


Small Business Cleaning Plan

This plan is ideal for small retail outlets, family offices, and small businesses.

Send us the size of your office floorplan.

We’ll get back to you with a custom quote for cleaning your premises.

Our basic plan includes the following cleaning tasks.

  • Custom cleaning schedules daily.
  • Desk and workstation cleaning.
  • Washroom cleaning.
  • Floor and carpet cleaning.
  • Waiting area cleaning.


Large Business Cleaning Plan

This option is the best choice for corporates and large offices. Send us the size of your floorplan, and we’ll tailor your quote to your requirements.

Our basic plan includes the following cleaning tasks.

  • Desk and workstation cleaning.
  • Washroom cleaning.
  • Floor and carpet cleaning.
  • Waiting area cleaning.

Book with Happy and Clean directly through our online portal or reach out to our service center at 127 551 0026. Our friendly consultants will chat with you about your custom requirements.

Remember, all new Happy and Clean clients receive a welcome gift with their cleaning plans during the first month!

Which Areas Does Happy and Clean Service in Hamilton?

Happy and Clean services all residences and businesses across the city of Hamilton. Contact our call center for professional advice and world-class service in any of the following locations across Hamilton.

Ottawa Street



McMaster University

Hamilton Northend

East End

Hamilton Mountain

Aberdeen Avenue


Stoney Creek



Happy and Clean offers professional residential and commercial cleaning services in Hamilton. Contact Happy and Clean if you own a home in Milgrove or Hannon or a business off the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway.

We operate mobile teams across Hamilton, and we’ll get to any location. Next time you’re out on the road, you’ll probably notice our branded vehicles driving in your neighborhood.

Happy and Clean Cleaning Services in Hamilton FAQ

We receive plenty of questions from people around Hamilton regarding our cleaning services. We’re happy to attend to your queries, just give us a call at 127 551 0026. One of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants will help you with your question.

However, before you give us a call, check through these FAQs to see if we have the answer you need.



Q: What can you expect from choosing Happy and Clean as your preferred cleaning company in Hamilton?

A: When you hire Happy and Clean, you’re working with a team that has thousands of hours of experience cleaning all types of residential homes, offices, businesses, and commercial properties. There is no building or home that we can’t clean.

We live up to our reputation, and we understand that your evaluation of our service to you determines the growth of our business. We want to leave you with nothing but the best results. When you open the door after we finish cleaning, we want to create that WOW experience that keeps you choosing Happy and Clean for your preferred cleaning partner in Hamilton.


Q: Does Happy and Clean offer contractual cleaning services for businesses and corporate or commercial clients?

A: Yes, Happy and Clean is happy to help small businesses and corporates with contractual cleaning services. Whether you’re the landlord of a corporate housing block or a small business owner in need of a weekly cleaning service in Hamilton, call us for assistance. We’ll arrange a cleaning contract for your specific requirements and budget.


Q: Will Happy and Clean use HEPA filters to stop dust when vacuuming my office or home?

A: Yes, Happy and Clean use HEPA filters on all our suction cleaning equipment. We won’t spread the dust around your home while vacuuming carpets and upholstery.

The HEPA filters trap 99.96% of all airborne particulate matter, removing it from the air. The HEPA filters trap the debris and dust the vacuum cleaner collects on the collection chamber of the machine instead of spreading it through the room.


Q: How often do I need to professionally clean the carpets, rugs, and mats around my home or business premises?

A: We recommend getting a professional like Happy and Clean to clean your carpets every year. Carpets accumulate dust in the fibers, attracting dust mites.

Some people with allergies may be sensitive to dust mites and accumulated dust deposits in the carpet fibers.

As a result, they have trouble with allergy flares from all the dust in the air. Cleaning your carpets removes all dust and dust mites, reducing the chances of allergy attacks in sensitive individuals.


Q: How long will I have to wait for my carpets to finish drying after Happy and Clean leave my property?

A: Typically, your carpets should be dry enough to walk on with socks around eight hours after we finish. You’ll have to wait for an entire day before you can start walking around on the carpets in your shoes.

The longest drying time is for the underfelt on the carpet. The surface may feel dry after six to eight hours in warm weather, but it takes longer for the underfelt to dry out.

Mats and rugs will take substantially less time to dry, and most of them are ready for use after three to four hours of drying in warm weather. The climate can also influence drying times, depending on the temperatures in the room.


Q: What payment methods do Happy and Clean accept for its cleaning services in Hamilton?

A: Happy and Clean works with all major credit cards. We’ll charge your card when you make your booking, but the payment only goes through 48-hours after we finish the cleaning at your home.

Happy and Clean stores your data on secure servers, and we encrypt all traffic on the site, ensuring your information is safe from hackers. We will never sell your data to third parties.


Q: Why do I have to leave information about the size and address of my home when completing my order with Happy and Clean?

A: We need to take the information about the size of your home for compiling our quote for you. We base the costs of our cleaning services around the square feet of your home and the number of rooms you need us to clean.

We also ask you for your custom cleaning requests, and that can add additional costs over the base fee for cleaning your home or office. We also need the address of your home so we can find it on the day of your appointment.


Q: Can I request a specific time for Happy and Clean to clean my home? What do I do If I’m late for my appointment?

A: Yes, we can arrange for a specific time to clean your home or business. Some business owners might not want us cleaning around their customers or employees during the day. Likewise, some people might not want us cleaning on the weekends or in the evenings. Happy and Clean works around your schedule. Reach out to our call center, and we’ll work something out for you.


Q: Does Happy and Clean provide the cleaning agents and equipment for cleaning my home or office?

A: Yes, we arrive at your home or business premises with everything we need to start cleaning. We carry detergents, cleaning agents, apparatus, and everything we need to get your home or business looking great. There is no need for you to invest in cleaning equipment or cleaning products. Happy and Clean have everything we need on hand to clean your property.


Q: Does Happy and Clean allow me to reschedule my cleaning appointment for another date or cancel the appointment outright? What are the penalty charges involved?

A: Yes, we understand that’s things happen in life, and you might need to reschedule or cancel your booking with us.

If that’s the case, we ask that you give us 48-hours’ notice on your need to reschedule or cancel. We don’t have any penalty fee for canceling with us; please give us a call so we don’t waste resources sending a team to your home with no one around to let us in.


Q: Do I receive a booking confirmation after placing my order with Happy and Clean?

A: Yes, you receive a booking request delivered to your inbox after placing your order through the official web portal on this site.

If you choose to call in to make your booking, your consultant will email you your booking confirmation after they finish the call.

You can choose to make your booking through either method, just leave us your custom requests, and we’ll start working on your booking confirmation.


Q: Can Happy and Clean send the same cleaning squad to my home or business for every appointment?

A: Yes, Happy and Clean can send you the same team to your premises every week or daily. We understand that some businesses may handle cash or high-value assets. These companies may want to reduce their risk exposure to employees.

We also understand that some homeowners may have the same attitude or prefer the results they get with a specific cleaning team. Whatever the reason, we’re happy to comply with your request.


Q: What are the cleaning tasks that Happy And Clean cannot help me with around the home or office?

A: Happy and Clean won’t clean any pet mess around the home. We can’t assist with things like toilet overflows.

These cleaning tasks require special licenses for handling biohazardous materials, and we don’t carry those. However, we can recommend plumbers that may help you with the situation.


Q: Can I arrange Happy and Clean to clean my vacation home? Will you clean, corporate housing and apartments on a regular schedule?

A: Yes, Happy and Clean can clean your vacation home before you arrive in town to take occupation. We can work with your estate agent or property manager to receive keys and clean your property without you being on site.

We also offer a maintenance service for corporates. We can keep your corporate housing maintained and clean for your clients or associates.


Q: Will Happy and Clean use my cleaning chemicals on request? Do you use environmentally-friendly, pet-safe, and biodegradable detergents and cleaning agents around my home?

A: Yes, Happy and Clean can accept your request to use your cleaning chemicals and detergents when we clean your home. We understand that some people may have allergies to specific components in cleaning detergents.

However, we clean your home with biodegradable and pet-friendly chemicals that are government-approved and safe for the environment.