Cleaning Services in Halton Hills

FANTASTIC Cleaning Services Halton Hills

If you’re in the quest for a competitive cleaning service provider in Halton Hills, Ontario, Happy and Clean is at your disposal to assist you in order to maintain your home, office, retail establishment, or industrial building in top hygiene conditions. Call us now to book an appointment with us. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

We fulfill cleaning duties in every area of Halton Hills, and we’re able to reach your location thanks to our mobile teams, which are properly equipped to do on-the-go cleaning, as well as on-site quotations. You won’t find a better bang for your buck!

Happy and Clean – Our Mission

We at Happy and Clean work tirelessly to bring the best cleaning jobs to fruition and create cleaner environments across Halton Hills and its surrounding areas. We ambition to become a world-class cleaning service provider that exceeds every customer’s expectations. Happy and Clean doesn’t conform itself to being just your regular Halton Hills cleaning company. We want to be considered your partner in every moment to raise your spirit so that you can attain your goals.

We acknowledge the effects that good hygiene has on many areas of our lives, such as our physical health, our mental health, and our productivity. Recent studies have linked depression with cluttered spaces. This also affects how a business operates, as both managers and employees may feel more motivated to work in a clean and orderly place. We make sure to keep these factors in mind, in order to enhance your quality of life and make your business more yielding.

The Best Cleaning Services Halton Hills Has to Offer!

Happy and Clean doesn’t want to simply have many clients. We want clients who are happy and who rely on us to do all their cleaning. Our success has been, for the most part, due to happy repeat customers who appreciate the quality of our work. Happy customers are what keeps us going.

Has it ever happened to you that you paid for a Halton Hills cleaning service only to be left with “buyer’s remorse”, thinking that you might have done better in your limited time? You won’t feel that with us. Our professional cleaners are very exhaustive in their duties and won’t leave any dirty spots or corners behind. We put a lot of effort in order to make our jobs noticeable and to make people feel that we have improved their environments in a significant way.

Our target extends to homes, offices, industrial buildings, restaurants, shops, clubs, and any other type of commercial site, no matter the size. Our cleaning services in Halton Hills cover virtually all types of buildings and spaces.

You can call us to do the following jobs:


Normal people can spend from 2 to 4 hours a week performing cleaning duties in their homes. That amounts to a whopping 208 hours a year! That time could be better spent doing other chores or simply spending quality time with family, friends, and loved ones, while entrusting us with the “dirty work”.


Many companies nowadays choose to outsource cleaning duties to third-party alternatives, instead of having to deal with personnel and all the administrative hassles of having your own staff. Let us bear all that encumbrance while you save time and money.


If you only want to hire us for specific occasions such as infrequent move-ins or move-outs, parties, and other events, you can opt for our one-off services, with no strings attached and no further contractual commitment.

You could also choose to agree with us for on-going cleaning sessions, in which we provide intensive jobs scheduled according to the customers’ convenience, to maintain in optimal hygiene all areas of a building or structure, especially those that are more frequently used such as kitchens and bathrooms.


Happy and Clean knows that our Canada winters can be hard and most people prefer to stay indoors for the season. We can deal with a winter’s worth of dust and pathogen accumulation in your home, and will also take care of those areas that aren’t usually paid attention to during the year.


We also work with carpets, which are particularly hard to clean for most people. We are thoroughly equipped with advanced cleaning devices that won’t stop at anything to lift dust and low-carbon VOCs-free chemicals to make your carpet look as good a new one – and leave a very refreshing scent in the air after the task is done.


Mattresses collect a lot of pollutants from our bodies. Happy and Clean will remove every sweat stain or body waste from your sleeping surface, so as to restore your good night’s sleep again.


Our cleaning jobs kill most pathogens remaining on any surface of your house or working space. We are also ready to fight COVID-19 through the use of a myriad of sterilizing tools.


Happy and Clean has outlined clear cleaning protocols to its staff, devised to deliver the most consistent results, combining time-efficiency with quality.

As proof of this consistency, a huge slice of our revenue proceeds from customers who request our assistance time and time again. Not many cleaning companies in Halton Hills can say the same.

You will have the following benefits by hiring us:

* A customer-focused service, catered to your own schedule and your own cleaning needs.
* A cleaning service provider that’s just a phone call away, thanks to our mobile cleaning units.
* A trained, outstanding and trustworthy cleaning team that is methodically checked for any criminal records, so that you may feel safe and comfortable with their presence in the most private areas of your house or business place.
* A partner that cares about employing the best cleaning products on the market, devoid of any VOCs (volatile organic chemicals). Moreover, these products are included in the agreed rates (no small text on our contacts).