Happy and Clean Richmond Hill Cleaning Services

Are you ready for the best cleaning service in Richmond Hill? Call Happy and Clean and book your cleaning appointment on 645 454 4264 .

Happy and Clean – On-Demand Richmond Hill Cleaning Services

Happy and Clean is a team of professional cleaners available for commercial and residential properties in Richmond Hill. We’ll take care of the hassle of cleaning your property, freeing your time to spend on your priorities in life. Call the cleaning experts, and we’ll send a team to clean your property to perfection.


Happy and Clean – A World-Class Cleaning Service in Richmond Hill

Happy and Clean puts the customer first in every client engagement we have. We offer you flexible and customizable cleaning services in Richmond Hill. We want to give you that WOW experience as you step through the door. When you go to rate our service, we want you to give us full marks.

Happy and Clean – Professional Richmond Hill Cleaning Services

Happy and Clean offers professional cleaning services in Richmond Hill available for residences and businesses across Richmond hill.

Richmond Hill Residential Cleaning Services

Happy and Clean caters to the cleaning needs of studios, apartments, condos, and single-family homes on Richmond Hill and surrounding areas.

Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning Services

Happy and Clean offers standard and customized cleaning plans for businesses, commercial properties, retail stores, private gyms, and learning facilities, and more.

Happy and Clean – Professional Cleaning Service Richmond Hill

Happy and Clean is the top-rated cleaning service in Richmond Hill. When you hire us, you can expect the following in your service level agreement.

  • Competitive and affordable rates.
  • Supervised teams of cleaning professionals working on your home.
  • World-class, 5-star cleaning service standards.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning products.
  • A 100% cleaning service guarantee.
  • Free quotes and custom servicing plans.

Happy and Clean is available in Richmond Hill for efficient, effective cleaning of your property. Contact our service center at 127 551 0026 and talk to us about your custom cleaning requirements. Let the team at Happy and Clean add value to your household or business with our professional cleaning services in Richmond Hill.


Happy and Clean – Our Mission and Service Agreement with You

Happy and Clean values our commitment to you when we clean your home. We understand that you picked us over the competition, and we want to show you why that was the right choice. We’ll give you the best cleaning service in Richmond hill and consistent results that make you happy and your home clean.

Our services come with no-strings attached, and we’re confident that you’ll be hiring us again after you experience the Happy and Clean difference for yourself.

Licensed, Insured, and Bonded Cleaning Services

Happy and Clean provides a safe working environment for our staff, and we limit any liability to your property. We have all the required permits and insurance policies in place before arriving at your home. With Happy and Clean, you get a safe and certified cleaning experience for your property.

Customer-First Service Focus

We believe in putting the customer first in everything we do at Happy and Clean. Our proven processes ensure that you get the results you deserve for your home. Our customized service offering allows you to choose how we clean your home or office and guarantee results. Contact Happy and Clean for a risk-free cleaning experience for your home, business, or commercial property.

Customized Cleaning Solutions

Happy and Clean will clean your home the way you want. When ordering your service, make notes of any specialized cleaning requests you need. We’ll relay them to the teams and ensure they clean to your specifications. We can use replacement detergents if you have allergies, clean some rooms while leaving others, request anything you like from us.

Dedicated and Managed Teams

We use dedicated employees to clean your home. Every team gets a captain that checks the squad’s results before they leave your property. We ensure that everything meets our stringent in-house quality standards with every job card we do.

No Contracts Required

We’re sure you’re coming back to use us again after you experience the results we give your property. That’s why we offer a contract-free service. We let the results speak for themselves, and we won’t tie you into contracts like other cleaning companies in Richmond Hill.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our clients receive the Happy and Clean satisfaction guarantee on our service. While we hardly get complaints, we realize that some clients may have special expectations. Send us a photo of the problem, and we’ll send someone out to sort it out for you.


Happy and Clean Offers the Following Cleaning Services in Richmond Hill

With Happy and Clean, you get a partner you can rely on for results with cleaning your home or business. Give us your custom cleaning requests, and we’ll make it happen for you. Some of our cleaning services in Richmond Hill include the following.

  • Deep Cleaning Services in Richmond Hill
  • Corporate Office and Housing Cleaning Services in Richmond Hill
  • Guest House and Airbnb Cleaning in Richmond Hill
  • Ceiling and Wall Cleaning in Richmond Hill
  • Blind and Curtain Cleaning in Richmond Hill
  • Carpet Cleaning in Richmond Hill
  • Upholstery Cleaning in Richmond Hill
  • Window Cleaning in Richmond Hill
  • Restroom Cleaning in Richmond Hill
  • Retail Cleaning in Richmond Hill
  • School Cleaning in Richmond Hill
  • Medical Cleaning in Richmond Hill
  • Sports Cleaning in Richmond Hill
  • Contract Cleaning in Richmond Hill
  • Green Cleaning in Richmond Hill

Happy and Clean brings you everything from deep cleaning to a light maids service in Richmond Hill. With us, you get a dependable service that adds value to your life or business. Contact us and speak to us about our range of customizable cleaning services in Richmond Hill.

The Happy and Clean Proven Cleaning Process

Our goal is to make you smile as you swing open the door to your home after a busy day. You’ll feel like you’re living in a hotel when you find everything in its place and the air smelling fresh. With Happy and Clean, you get a service experience that’s unlike anything else available. We aim to please, and we want your home to be our next success story.

  • Customized Room Cleaning Plans
  • Whole-Home and Custom Cleaning
  • Effective Cleaning Agents and Equipment
  • Holiday Home Cleaning
  • Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Cleaning Plans
  • Seasonal Cleaning Plans
  • Light Cleaning Services
  • Deep Cleaning Services

Happy and Clean will work with your custom cleaning requirements. We promise you’ll get the results your home deserves with our cleaning service in Richmond Hill. We bring the cleaning products with us, but we’re fine to use yours if you have allergies or skin sensitivity. Call our service center and book your appointment with Happy and Clean.

Why Choose Happy and Clean Richmond Hill?

Happy and Clean want you to think of us when you think of a cleaning service in Richmond Hill. We’re an inspired and motivated team with the training and skills you need to keep your home in its best shape. We’ll treat your property with the care and respect it deserves, and you’ll arrive home to a clean and fresh-smelling home every time.

Happy Cleaners and Happy Home

Happy and Clean love what we do. Our employees are enthusiastic about their job and delivering for our clients. We arrive on time for your appointment, and we have smiles on our faces and branded uniforms for easy identification. We spend hours training our team, and we’re confident we can give you the results you expect.

Save Time and Energy

Happy and Clean will save you time, money, and energy on your chores. How much time do you spend on housework each year that you could spend doing something else? Life is short, and you need to squeeze every minute out of every day. With us taking care of the hassle of cleaning your home, you get more time to spend with your kids or chasing that big project for work.

Professional Cleaning Standards

Happy and Clean demands the best from our cleaning teams. We train our staff to meet quality assurance standards, and our team captains ensure that your home meets our in-house standards before we leave. With Happy and Clean, you’re getting a world-class cleaning service in Richmond Hill, with consistency to our performance and the results we bring to your property.

Affordable Rates

Happy and Clean gives you access to a premium cleaning service in Richmond Hill with affordable rates. We’ll provide you with transparent billing and no hidden charges in your invoice. Contact our team for a fast and ethical quote or book directly through the site. Our new clients qualify for a discount in their first month, keeping your operations or household budget on track.

Which Areas Does Happy and Clean Service in Richmond Hill?

Happy and Clean services all parts of Richmond Hill. If you have a home off Tower Hill road, a business in Bayview Glen, or an apartment near Newberry Park, contact us for the best cleaning services in town. We service all properties in Richmond Hill; call our service center for assistance in any area.

  • Mill Pond
  • Bayview Hill
  • Doncrest
  • North Richvale
  • Rouge Woods
  • South Richvale
  • Langstaff
  • Headford Business Park
  • Westbrook
  • Jefferson
  • Devonsleigh
  • Crosby
  • Bayview Hill
  • North Richvale
  • South Richvale
  • Rouge Woods
  • Observatory
  • Oak Ridges Lake Wilcox
  • Oak Ridges
  • Mill Pond
  • Beaver Creek Business Park
  • Langstaff
  • Jefferson

Happy and Clean services all neighborhoods and areas in and around Richmond Hill and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We’ll take the strain of housework and cleaning off your hands. Let our professional team give your home, office, or business premises the cleaning it deserves.


Happy and Clean Cleaning Services in Richmond Hill FAQ

If you have questions on the Happy and Clean experience, check through the FAQ below. If you don’t find what you need, contact our service center at 127 551 0026.

Q: Do Happy and Clean provide contract cleaning services for commercial properties or corporate accounts?

A: Yes, speak to our service center, and we’ll arrange contractual cleaning services for commercial properties and corporate housing.

Q: What payment methods can I use with Happy and Clean?

A: Happy and Clean doesn’t accept cash. We only work with major credit cards.

Q: Why does the booking form or service consultant ask me for information on the size of my home?

A: The booking process requires you to enter the size of your property and your address. We need this information to calculate costs and find your home for your appointment.

Q: Will Happy and Clean let me reschedule my appointment or cancel?

A: Yes, you can reschedule or cancel your cleaning appointment with us, but please give us 48-hours’ notice.

Q: When do I receive a booking confirmation for my appointment with Happy and Clean?

A: You’ll receive your booking confirmation by email directly after booking through the site. We’ll send your booking confirmation to your inbox after preparing your estimate if you call our service desk.

Q: Can the same cleaning team visit my property for every appointment with Happy and Clean?

A: Yes, Happy and Clean understands you might have a security concern if you run a high-value or cash business. Some homeowners may also develop relationships with their cleaning team and prefer the same crew cleaning their home for each appointment.

Q: What are the items that Happy and Clean won’t clean?

A: Happy and Clean doesn’t have licenses to handle hazardous materials. So, we can’t clean up toilet overflows or pick up any animal mess.

Q: Do Happy and Clean provide cleaning of holiday homes and corporate apartments?

A: Yes, we clean corporate housing and vacation homes. Arrive home to a fresh-smelling home. We’ll clear out the musty smell and the dust before you arrive.

Q: Will Happy and Clean use green-certified cleaning products when cleaning my property?

A: Yes, we only use cleaning detergents that are eco-friendly and suitable for disposal down the drain. Our biodegradable cleaning products are 100% green-certified. We can also work with your detergents if you have allergies.