Happy and Clean Scarborough Cleaning Services

Do you need a cleaning company in Scarborough? Contact Happy and Clean at 127 551 0026; our service team will book your cleaning appointment.

Happy and Clean – Superior Scarborough Cleaning Services

Happy and Clean is ready to clean your home after that dinner party last night. Let us take the responsibility off your hands while you get on with more pressing issues in life. Happy and Clean provides world-class cleaning services for professionals, families, and businesses in Scarborough.

Happy and Clean – A World-Class Cleaning Service in Scarborough

With Happy and Clean, you get a team that delivers on our service commitment to you. With us, you get a cleaning service that exceeds your expectations. We have experienced staff and proven cleaning systems designed to deliver results for your property. We’ll give you the WOW experience you deserve when hiring Happy and Clean.


Happy and Clean – Professional Scarborough Cleaning Services

Happy and Clean brings you a range of customizable cleaning services in Scarborough. We service residential and commercial properties, and we can work with building and property managers. Contact us for professional cleaning of any property in Scarborough.

Scarborough Residential Cleaning Services

Happy and Clean works on apartments, condos, studios, single-family homes, and estates in Scarborough.

Scarborough Commercial Cleaning Services

Call us for assistance with custom cleaning schedules for businesses, retail outlets, gyms, learning centers, and more.

Happy and Clean – Professional Cleaning Service Scarborough

When you hire your cleaning service through us, you can expect the Happy and Clean team to live up to the following in our service level agreement with you.

  • Competitive and affordable rates.
  • Supervised teams of cleaning professionals working on your home.
  • World-class, 5-star cleaning service standards.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning products.
  • A 100% cleaning service guarantee.
  • Free quotes and custom servicing plans.

Call Happy and Clean for fast and efficient cleaning of your property anywhere in Scarborough. Our service center is available for your custom requests at 127 551 0026. Let Happy and Clean take the stress of cleaning your home off your plate.

Happy and Clean – Our Mission and Service Agreement with You

Happy and Clean values our reputation as the best cleaning service in Scarborough. We have the team and technology to keep your home looking and smelling great in all seasons. Our services come with a no-strings-attached policy; it’s entirely up to you if you want to hire us again.

We’re confident that you’ll find our cleaning services in Scarborough are worth the money you spend. When you experience the Happy and Clean difference, you’ll be coming back for more.

Licensed, Insured, and Bonded Cleaning Services

Happy and Clean limits any liability to you or your home while we’re on site. We have all the required permits and insurance policies in place for your protection. We protect our clients and employees from any accidents or mishaps.

Customer-First Service Focus

At Happy and Clean, we believe in putting the customer first. The customer is responsible for the growth in our business, and we value every opportunity we get to service the communities of Scarborough. When you review and rate us online, we hope you can say the best things possible about our business.

Customized Cleaning Solutions

Happy and Cleans gives you flexible and customizable cleaning solutions for your home, business, office, or commercial property. If you have special requests, call our service team, and we’ll pass them on to our cleaning captains.

Dedicated and Managed Teams

Happy and Clean operates cleaning teams led by team captains. We ensure we clean to our in-house, world-class standards. Our trained and skilled cleaning teams will ensure we leave your home or business in the best condition possible.

No Contracts Required

Happy and Clean offers you cleaning services in Scarborough, with no strings attached. We don’t need contracts with our clients because we’re confident in our cleaning processes. It’s up to you if you want to hire us again, and we’re sure you will; a growing amount of our business comes from repeat clients.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Happy and Clean gives you a guarantee of our services. If you’re not entirely satisfied with the results, contact our service center. We’ll ask you to send us some photos of the problem, and we’ll send a team to correct it to your request.


Happy and Clean Offers the Following Cleaning Services in Scarborough

Happy and Clean brings you a select range of cleaning services in Scarborough. We can handle any custom cleaning request, just speak to our service team, and we’ll make it happen for you. Some of the professional-level cleaning services we offer our clients are the following.

  • Deep Cleaning Services in Scarborough
  • Corporate Office and Housing Cleaning Services in Scarborough
  • Guest House and Airbnb Cleaning in Scarborough
  • Ceiling and Wall Cleaning in Scarborough
  • Blind and Curtain Cleaning in Scarborough
  • Carpet Cleaning in Scarborough
  • Upholstery Cleaning in Scarborough
  • Window Cleaning in Scarborough
  • Restroom Cleaning in Scarborough
  • Retail Cleaning in Scarborough
  • School Cleaning in Scarborough
  • Medical Cleaning in Scarborough
  • Sports Cleaning in Scarborough
  • Contract Cleaning in Scarborough
  • Green Cleaning in Scarborough

With Happy and Clean, you get to take the hassle and stress out of cleaning your property. We handle everything for you, from a deep clean to a light maids service in Scarborough. Happy and Clean is here to take your custom cleaning requests, and we’ll execute them to perfection.


The Happy and Clean Proven Cleaning Process

Happy and Clean get such consistent results with our cleaning, thanks to our proven processes. We want you to feel like you’re living in a serviced hotel or executive suite when you step through the door. You’ll find everything in its place, according to your directions, and the air smells clean and fresh. We’ll clean your home as fast as possible without skimping on the results. Contact our service team and book your cleaning appointment today.

  • Customized Room Cleaning Plans
  • Whole-Home and Custom Cleaning
  • Effective Cleaning Agents and Equipment
  • Holiday Home Cleaning
  • Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Cleaning Plans
  • Seasonal Cleaning Plans
  • Light Cleaning Services
  • Deep Cleaning Services

Happy and Clean will clean your home to your specifications. We work on your schedule, not ours, and you can cancel or reschedule your appointment with 48-hours’ notice to our team. We want you to choose Happy and Clean as your preferred cleaning company in Scarborough.


Why Choose Happy and Clean Scarborough?

When you decide to hire Happy and Clean, we want you to know you’re getting the best cleaning service in Scarborough. We value our reputation, and we’ll make sure we give your property the best cleaning experience possible.

We want to ensure you’re talking good things about us on your social media. With Happy and Clean, you get a completely professional cleaning team leaving your home feeling like a serviced hotel. You won’t find another team that treats your property with the same level of care and respect as us.

Happy Cleaners and Happy Home

Happy and Clean rely on our cleaning teams to carry out their training when cleaning your home or office. We spend hours training our staff on our proven methods, so you get consistent results with our services. Our team will arrive on time for our appointment in branded vehicles and wearing uniforms. We’ll introduce ourselves to you and get to work right away, all with smiles on our faces.

Save Time and Energy

With Happy and Clean taking care of your chores, you get more time in your day. There’s no need to come home ad do the dishes or clean the floors. Happy and Clean can take care of that for you, leaving you with more time for friends, family, and your career. Stop wasting your time on the details in life, like cleaning, and focus on what really makes you happy.

Professional Cleaning Standards

Happy and Clean sets world-class cleaning standards and expectations for our cleaning teams. We’re confident we can deliver your property the best cleaning service in Scarborough. We use proven methods, and we’ll finish cleaning your home in half the time of our competitors, with better results.

Affordable Rates

Happy and Clean brings you a premium cleaning service in Scarborough at affordable rates. Our new clients qualify for a discount on the services they order in the first month. Give Happy and Clean a try; we’re sure we’ll add value to your household or your business.

Which Areas Does Happy and Clean Service in Scarborough?

Happy and Clean operate in all areas in and around Scarborough. We go as far south as Cliffcrest and Bluffers Park Beach and as far north as Rouge National Urban Park. We service homes in Port Union or apartments in Pleasant View and the Danforth. We also cater to business premises in Whitehaven and Scarborough City Center.

Happy and Clean services all businesses, commercial buildings, and residences in Scarborough. Contact us and book professional cleaning services in any of the following areas in Scarborough.

  • Agincourt
  • Armadale
  • Bendale (Cedarbrae)
  • Birch Cliff
  • Birch Cliff Heights
  • Brown’s Corners (historical)
  • Clairlea
  • Cliffside
  • Cliffcrest
  • Dorset Park
  • Eglinton East
  • Golden Mile
  • Guildwood
  • Highland Creek
  • View
  • L’Amoreaux
  • Malvern
  • Maryvale
  • Milliken (also in Markham)
  • Morningside
  • Morningside Heights
  • Oakridge
  • Port Union (Centennial Scarborough)
  • Rouge
  • Scarborough City Centre
  • Scarborough Junction
  • Scarborough Village
  • Steeles
  • Tam O’Shanter-Sullivan
  • West Hill
  • West Rouge
  • Wexford
  • Woburn

Happy and Clean is available for professional cleaning services in Scarborough and the GTA. We service all areas, and we’ll take the hassle involved with cleaning your home or business premises off your hands. Let us show you the Happy and Clean difference for your property.


Happy and Clean Cleaning Services in Scarborough FAQ

If you have any questions about the Happy and Clean experience, we’re happy to help! Check through the FAQ section or dial 127 551 0026 and speak with our service team.


Q: Do Happy and Clean offer corporate or commercial cleaning contracts?

A: Yes, Happy and Clean can arrange the contractual cleaning of commercial properties and corporate apartments or premises.

Q: Can I pay cash with Happy and Clean? What are the payment methods?

A: We don’t accept cash as payment due to the risk it places on our teams. However, we work with all major credit cards.

Q: Why do I have to hand over details about my home to Happy and Clean?

A: We need the size of your home to estimate the cleaning costs and your address to know where to send the team.

Q: Can I reschedule my cleaning appointment or cancel with Happy and Clean after booking?

A: Yes, Happy and Clean allows for rescheduling and cancellations. However, we require 48-hours’ notice. If you booked online, make changes directly through your client portal.

Q: When do I get my booking confirmation for my cleaning appointment?

A: You’ll receive your booking confirmation immediately after making your booking online. If you book over the phone, we’ll email it to you after finalizing your estimate.

Q: Can Happy and Clean send the same cleaning team to my property for my appointments?

A: Yes, we understand you might operate a high-value or cash business and want to limit your security exposure. We also get that some homeowners might just prefer or gel with a specific team cleaning their home.

Q: What are the things that Happy and Clean can’t clean?

A: Happy and Clean won’t pick up any animal mess or cleanup overflowing toilets; we don’t have the licenses to handle hazardous materials.

Q: Can Happy and Clean provide cleaning services for corporate apartments and vacation homes?

A: Yes, Happy and Clean offer you the cleaning of holiday homes and corporate apartments. If no one lives on your property, it can smell musty when you return from vacation or send a new employee to the premises. We’ll clean the premises and leave it smelling fresh for your arrival.

Q: Does Happy and Clean use eco-friendly and green-clean certified cleaning products?

A: Yes, Happy and Clean takes care of your home and the environment. We only use green-certified products that are biodegradable and eco-friendly, causing no harm to the environment.