Cleaning Services Woodbridge

Cleaning Services in Woodbridge

Are you searching for cleaning services in Woodbridge, Ontario? You’ve come to the right place. Happy and Clean is here to do the work that most people dread. With us, you can recreate a perfectly neat living and working environment, with results that can last a very long time. Contact us and book an appointment for the best cleaning Woodbridge has available.

We operate across the entire Woodbridge area. If you call us now, we will be able to send a mobile unit to your home or office to examine the premises and give you a reasonable on-site quotation. You won’t find better cleaning deals than with us.

With Happy and Clean, you will experience a top-notch cleaning service delivery that’ll exceed your expectations, guaranteed.

Happy and Clean – Our Mission

Happy and Clean strives to restore living and working environments all around Woodbridge. We make your business our business, and we care about your success and your quality of life. We want you to see us not only as just another cleaning service provider, but a partner you can trust to bring you joy and productivity.

People underestimate the importance of having optimal hygiene conditions, not only on one’s physical health but psychological health as well. A cluttered and dirty space is oftentimes associated with depression and low self-esteem, and it also hinders creativity and focus. Happy and Clean aims to solve those issues through our cleaning services.

The Best Cleaning Services Woodbridge Has to Offer!

Happy and Clean is already recognized as one of the best cleaning services in Ontario. A large portion of our revenue proceeds from happy customers who repeatedly request our help and who are satisfied with the long-lasting results they get from our work.

Nowadays, it’s very difficult to find a trustworthy and reliable cleaner. Most cleaning providers only do surface-level jobs that can leave you with the impression that you could have done a better job yourself and saved some money in the process.

With Happy and Clean, you are provided with a qualified and trained staff that is able to handle some of the most difficult cleaning jobs. We guarantee that you’ll notice the difference from the moment one of our cleaners steps a foot inside your house or facility.

Our offering is not exclusive to homes. We’re also able to clean business structures and factories in Woodbridge. We also allow customers to sign for customizable cleaning schedules and plans that can adapt to your budgetary limits. We clean virtually every structure in the area.

What Cleaning Services Do Happy and Clean Woodbridge Cleaners Offer

Happy and Clean renders a large variety of cleaning services in Woodbridge for homes, offices, retail establishments, and industrial buildings.

Our services include:


For those who can’t afford some time for themselves or their loved ones, Happy and Clean offers residential cleaning services so that they can spend their valuable time doing what they love. We understand the frustration of arriving home from a very stressful day at work only to do more unpleasant work. For a reasonable price, we can take care of that hassle so you only need to worry about relaxing and enjoying your free time.

Office Cleaning Woodbridge

If you’re a business or office manager concerned with having to deal with slacking employees or with the blunders caused by an incompetent maintenance division, Happy and Clean can come to your aid. You can outsource the maintenance duties to us. Many companies nowadays look for third-party solutions for their cleaning needs, saving money, and potential frustrations. We can be that third-party solution you need.

One-off and On-going Cleaning Woodbridge

We can offer both a one-time deal and on-going or long-term service provision. You can call us to deal with special or sporadic events such as occasional move-ins or move-outs, parties, or situations that demand in-depth cleaning. We can also agree to a periodic cleaning schedule in which we constantly and efficiently sterilize areas that are frequently used, such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Spring Cleaning Services Woodbridge

Canada is known for its very rough winters, during which most people stay indoors for a long time, consequently producing pollutant build-ups on many surfaces around the house. Spring cleaning grants Woodbridge residents the chance to thoroughly clean their homes from top to bottom, especially those places that are hardly dealt with during the year, and Happy and Clean can assist you with those chores.

Carpet Cleaning Services Woodbridge

We use special equipment and eco-friendly chemicals to deal with difficult surfaces such as carpets. Our vacuum cleaners include HEPA filtration, so that dust won’t spread across the room and you can inspect our work at a close distance.

Mattress Cleaning Services Woodbridge

Mattresses accumulate lots of pollutants from our bodies (in fact, more than you’d probably wish to know). Happy and Clean will renovate your sleeping surface and you will notice the difference as you lay on the bed.


We kill most pathogens lingering on your house or office, including the COVID-19 virus (in Woodbridge and surrounding areas), through the use of various sterilizing tools and methods, and following strict hygiene protocols.

Why Choose Happy and Clean?

We at Happy and Clean are tied to some of the most scientifically oriented cleaning guidelines in order to deliver the best results from a cleaning job, with the most advanced tools and methods that ensure time efficiency and quality.

We are concerned about our client’s satisfaction. This is evidenced by the fact that a majority of the company’s revenue comes from repeat customers who are impressed by our consistent performance. Most Woodbridge cleaners can’t boast about such a feat.

With us, you will receive the following benefits:

* A customer-focused service that caters to your own schedule and cleaning needs.
* The possibility of getting on-site quotations and emergency cleaning services by means of our mobile teams.
* A completely trained and responsible cleaning staff with a demonstrably clean criminal record and an outstanding character.
* The use of some of the most advanced and eco-friendly products and cleaning devices available on the market.
* No small text on the contract or unpleasant surprises on the cleaning bill, as our products are all included in the rates (unless we receive a special request during the cleaning tasks.)