Cleaning Services Thornhill

Cleaning Services in Thornhill

If you’re in search of cleaning services in Thornhill, Ontario, then you just found the go-to provider. Happy and Clean can do the work that most people despise. We can recreate a spotless and neat working and living environment, with long-lasting results. Call us now and book an appointment for the best cleaning Thornhill can provide.

We cover the entire Thornhill suburban area. You’ll be able to ask for a mobile team to be sent to your home or office to analyze the place and give you an affordable on-site quotation. We offer some of the most competitive prices on the market.

With Happy and Clean, you will have a state-of-the-art cleaning service experience that’ll surpass your expectations, guaranteed.

Happy and Clean – Our Mission

We at Happy and Clean work very hard to restore good hygiene to any living or working space in Thornhill. Since we understand the relevance that environment has on health (not just physical, but also mental) and on productivity, we want you to consider us more than just a cleaning company. We want to have a great deal of responsibility in your success by enhancing your living or working conditions, with guaranteed quality of life improvements and profitability.

A messy and dirty place is linked with depression and lack of focus. Happy and Clean is here to change that!

The Best Cleaning Services Thornhill Has to Offer!

Happy and Clean is notoriously one of the best cleaning services across Ontario. More than half of our revenue comes from repeat customers who are pleased with the yielding results they obtain by using us as their cleaning service provider.

We understand the frustration some people may have when it comes to paying for a cleaning service. Most cleaners will only work at a very superficial level and literally sweep the dirt under the rug. Happy and Clean does not operate that way, but we deliver an in-depth cleaning experience that has positive effects on your health and mood.

Our staff is able to deal with some of the most difficult and strenuous cleaning tasks. You will be able to notice the difference from the very moment our professionals walk through your door. Whether your place is a small condo or a building block, we’re able to perform our duties in every structure around Thornhill

What Cleaning Services Do Happy and Clean Thornhill Cleaners Offer

Happy and Clean performs an assorted range of cleaning services in Thornhill that are suitable for homes, offices, commercial establishments, and industries.

Our services include:

Home Cleaning Thornhill

If you have career and family duties to tend to, Happy and Clean will help you optimize your time so that you can use it on other chores or simply to enjoy it with your family, friends, and loved ones. You’ll also want some more time for yourself. Cleaning duties take up to 2-4 hours a week and, as the saying goes, “time is money”. Being one of your most valuable assets, you will be grateful that you spent a reasonable amount of money with a competent cleaning service in order to enjoy more of your life.

Office Cleaning Thornhill

Business and office managers traditionally dealt with burdensome personnel and very inefficient maintenance divisions. Nowadays, many businesses have opted for using third-party cleaning providers to reduce costs and operative hassles. If you want a company to clean your office in Thornhill, call us now and book an appointment with us. You won’t be disappointed!

One-off and On-going Cleaning Thornhill

If you had a messy party, want to move to your new house, or simply feel that your living and working space is too cluttered and dirty, you can also call us to perform a one-time job, with no long-term commitments. You may conversely want to settle for programmed on-going services in order to keep your place sanitized and sterilized, especially those areas of frequent use. We offer very affordable and tailor-made plans that adjust to your schedule and needs.

Spring Cleaning Services Thornhill

Canada is famous for its very harsh winters, during which most of its inhabitants remain indoors. This situation naturally causes contaminants to accumulate on many surfaces and corners of the house. We provide spring cleaning (in Thornhill) to residents who want to take advantage of the warmer weather to revamp their homes and deal with those areas of the house that are usually abandoned throughout the year.

Carpet Cleaning Services Thornhill

For carpets, Happy and Clean uses the most advanced equipment and eco-friendly products that will leave a very fresh scent to your living and working place. Our vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filtration devices that stop dust from lifting and triggering all sorts of allergies so that you can be around while we do the job.

Mattress Cleaning Services Thornhill

We acknowledge the importance of a good night’s sleep and the stability of your circadian rhythm. Happy and Clean takes care of all the body wastes absorbed by your mattress (even those that can’t be seen with the naked eye) so that you notice the difference as you lay down your sleeping surface.

COVID (Virus) Cleaning Services Thornhill

COVID-19 has overstayed its “welcome” for too long. Our cleaning methods include sterilization, through which we kill any lingering pathogens around your living and working environment and on every surface and area. You won’t have to worry about catching the dreaded virus or any airborne illness once we have done our duty.

Why Choose Happy and Clean?

Happy and Clean cares about bringing consistent results. We don’t like to improvise. We have clearly laid out guidelines and protocols to ensure that, and we only work with tried-and-true cleaning tools and products, thanks to our very reliable suppliers.

We put our client’s satisfaction as our top priority. The fact that the largest portion of our profits come from happy customers who repeatedly ask for our assistance gives credence to this statement. We doubt many cleaners in Thornhill could say the same.

With us, you will have the following advantages:

* A customer-focused service that brings clients to the forefront of its business model, adequating its schedule to theirs.
* The possibility of getting quick on-site quotes and on-the-go cleaning services through our mobile cleaning squads.
* Thoroughly trained and reliable cleaning personnel with a demonstrably outstanding character and who go through a very extensive customer service program.
* The use of top-notch eco-friendly chemicals and cleaning devices that are already included in our rates (unless we receive a special request from the customer.)