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Super AWESOME Cleaning Services Vaughan

Happy and Clean is your go-to Vaughan maid service that supplies for both the city and the Greater Vaughan Area. You are probably thinking: Why do I need to hire professional cleaners in Vaughan if I could do that work myself? We’re going to show you how these services could be very useful for you:

* You simply don’t have enough time for yourself. When you get home from a hard day of work, the least you would want is to have to do cleaning chores.
* You’d probably not want to touch certain surfaces of your home because of all the hassle you have to go through. If you are prone to allergies, you’d probably want to stay away from dust or spores.
* If you’re a business manager, you’d want to dedicate more time to the nitty-gritty of your business and less time trying to clean the office or establishment.
* Cluttered environments are a stumbling block for productivity and mood. Having a clean and tidy living or working place has a huge positive impact not only on your physical but also your mental health, and it enhances your quality of life and your business’ profitability

If you are currently in the quest for a qualified Vaughan cleaning service, call Happy and Clean now and book an appointment with us or ask for a reasonable quotation. We offer customizable cleaning plans in Vaughan that take into account your needs and working schedule. You don’t need to worry if you live or work in the farthest reaches of Vaughan, since we can get there with the help of our mobile cleaning services. We can send one to you for on-the-go cleaning services or on-site quotes.

Happy and Clean – Our Mission

Our mission at Happy and Clean is to create pristine spaces throughout Vaughan, cleaning in a way that surpasses our customers’ expectations. We want to accompany our customers on their way to success, and we want to be able to claim some responsibility for it. In short, we want to be true partners for our clients and not just a mere third-party cleaning service provider.

We also aim to be the most eco-friendly cleaning service in Vaughan, only working with the most sustainable tools and products to contribute to our planet’s health.


Happy and Clean has a track record of being one of the most renowned cleaning service providers in Ontario, and Vaughan shouldn’t be an exception. A great portion of our revenue comes from satisfied customers who keep asking us for cleaning jobs due to the quality work we have been performing. It shows that we care.

It’s easy to be skeptical about hiring a cleaning company. Most cleaners tend to deliver very underwhelming surface-level cleaning tasks, leaving many customers with the impression that they could have done a better job themselves. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with us.

Happy and Clean sends only the most qualified and trained professionals to perform some of the most difficult cleaning jobs. Moreover, their work is not restricted to homes or residences. We offer cleaning services for businesses, commercial establishments, and factories as well. You can contact us to clean structures and surfaces of any kind.


Happy and Clean can perform a great variety of cleaning services in Vaughan for homes, offices, retail establishments, and factory buildings or building blocks.

Our services include:

Home Cleaning Vaughan

For busy parents or people who simply want a bit of “me” time. Statistically, most homeowners or renters spend 2 to 4 hours a week on cleaning duties. This means that you can spend around 208 hours a year JUST CLEANING. We can help you better manage your time with the help of our Vaughan maid service so that you can spend more quality time with your family, friends, loved ones, or simply with yourself. You could also spend that time doing other chores or finding ways to improve your life.

Office Cleaning Vaughan

For business managers who are tired of having to deal with slacking workers or with the hassles caused by onerous and time-consuming hiring processes. Many companies nowadays opt for outsourcing their maintenance departments to third-party cleaning providers because of the amount of time and money they save. You can entrust all maintenance and cleaning responsibilities to us, and we’ll make sure not to disturb the office’s output in the process.

One-off and On-going Cleaning Vaughan

You can contact us for a one-time deal without any long-term commitment or clause. Our one-off contracts are fitting for those who only wish to use our services for sporadic events such as occasional move-ins or move-outs. You can also sign long-term agreements for periodic on-going cleaning services, by which we make sure to maintain optimal hygiene conditions in your home, office, or establishment.

Spring Cleaning Services Vaughan

During winter, people tend to stay indoors for prolonged periods, producing bacterial and pollutant buildups on every corner of the house. Happy and Clean’s spring cleaning service (in Vaughan and surrounding areas) is especially programmed to revamp the air around the house at the beginning of spring, and we work on those surfaces that are usually not given attention throughout the year.

Carpet Cleaning Services Vaughan

At Happy and Clean, we know that carpets require a more specialized cleaning method and the use of specific chemicals. We only work with the most environmentally friendly products (without VOCs) and tools that don’t lift dust, so that our clients may directly supervise our work without issue, even those with a severe allergic profile.

Mattress Cleaning Services Vaughan

You wouldn’t want to know about the number of contaminants that mattresses absorb from our bodies, but we will only say that there are a lot more than you could ever think of! Happy and Clean also has mattress cleaning services in Vaughan, since we care about your night’s sleep. We will renew your sleeping surface and restore it to its pristine condition, eliminating any sweat stains, dead skin, and other types of body waste.

COVID (Virus) Cleaning Services Vaughan

COVID-19 has been around for much longer than expected. We wouldn’t want you to have this viral threat lingering on your house, office, or shop, and that’s why we have devised special methods to sterilize your living or working space and leave every surface free from any pathogens, including the dreaded virus.


Happy and Clean follows highly technical cleaning guidelines in order to attain the most fulfilling results after every cleaning job. We also focus on providing time-efficient jobs with equal high-quality output.

We care about your satisfaction. As evidence, a nice chunk of Happy and Clean’s revenue proceeds from repeat clients who are happy about how we do our job. Not every cleaning company in Vaughan can say the same about their client management.

With Happy and Clean, you will receive the following advantages:

* Customer-focused service. We will adjust our schedule to yours and to your specific cleaning needs.
* Mobile cleaning teams can be delivered right to your door in order to perform emergency cleaning jobs or make on-site quotations, taking into account your budgetary limits.
* A thoroughly trained and trustworthy cleaning team. For that purpose, we make sure that our new hires are familiarized with our extensive customer service program and that their criminal records and character are fully inspected and reviewed.
* A service that aims to attain the lowest carbon footprint and that only employs some of the best chemicals on the market, devoid of any VOCs (volatile organic chemicals).
* No small text on our contract. Happy and Clean cares about transparency, and that’s why you won’t find any surprises at the moment we send the bill. All our products are included in the rates by default and, unless you specifically ask for a special product not included, we won’t add any extras.