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Hey there! Are you searching for the best Guelph cleaning service? Contact Happy and Clean; our mission is to leave your home or office happy and clean!

If you’re reading this, you’re looking for a professional cleaning service in Guelph, and we can deliver that to you. If you demand the best cleaning results for your home or office, contact our service team and book an appointment today.

Happy and Clean brings you a customer-focused cleaning experience customized to your requirements. We understand that every premise we visit is unique. Whether you have a family home or an office, we’ll clean it to world-class standards.

With Happy and Clean, you get a team that’s friendly, responsible, and efficient. We know how to clean – it’s all we do!

Whether you need us to clean up after last night’s dinner party, or you just need a light maid’s service for your guest house, we’re the people to call. You can rely on us to keep your property Happy and Clean while you carry on with the demands of life.

Reach out to our Guelph cleaning service center at 127 551 0026 and book your appointment, or use our fast, user-friendly booking portal on our website.


Happy and Clean – A Prestigious and Professional Cleaning Service in Guelph

Happy and Clean offers your home or office the best professional cleaning and maid service in Guelph. We offer you fully managed teams servicing your apartment, single-family home, or office parks anywhere in the city.

Whether you need weekly cleaning service or a deep clean, our team of experts will take care of your cleaning responsibilities, freeing your time to achieve other goals in your life. We doubt that the last thing you feel like is doing the dishes after getting in the door from work.

Why go to the hassle of cleaning your home yourself? We’re not saying you don’t take pride in your home or office, but there are always better things to do. Sure, there are times when cleaning your home gives you that sense of accomplishment. However, what have you really achieved with it that’s moving your life forward?

With Happy and Clean taking care of your cleaning responsibilities, you can use that time to hang out with the kids or work on that big project for your promotion.


The “Economics” of Cleaning Your Home

When it comes to the economics of society, we trade our time for money, wouldn’t you agree? So, most of us see time as our most valuable asset. Why are you wasting it on cleaning your home?

Let’s look at the math behind the situation right now. Let’s say you have a small apartment, and you do your cleaning yourself. You probably spend at least one to two hours cleaning your place each week. That means your spend anywhere from 52 to 104 hours each year cleaning your home.

Unpacking those figures, we’ll discount that you sleep for eight hours a day. That leaves 16-hours of the day to work or build your relationships. So, if we work on a 16-hour day, that means you spend anywhere from four to seven days of each year cleaning your home.

When you look at it like that, it’s kind of shocking how much time we waste with trivial things in our lives. What could you do with an extra week in the year? How much more time could you enjoy with family and friends? What could you be achieving at work or in your business?

Hiring Happy and Clean takes the responsibility of cleaning your home or office off your plate. We aim to give you more time in your day by adding value to your life.


Happy and Clean – Guelph Cleaning Services

Happy and Clean specializes in offering professional residential and commercial cleaning services in Guelph. We cater to homes, businesses, and commercial buildings; just give us a call, and we’ll discuss your cleaning needs.

From studio apartments to hotels and office parks – we do it all; give us a call. Happy and Clean aims to provide you with that WOW cleaning experience you can talk about with your friends and family.

More than 60% of our new business comes from client referrals, so we’re confident we can offer you a premium cleaning service in Guelph that delivers on your expectations.

We run background checks on our staff and issue them training before they ever set foot on your property. With Happy and Clean, you’re getting an honest, friendly, and reliable cleaning service.

Our team is standing by to take your booking. Call 127 551 0026 or book directly through the portal on this website.


Guelph Residential Cleaning Services

Happy and Clean services all residences in Guelph with professional cleaning services you can trust. We work anywhere in Guelph, and we service studios, apartments, single-family homes, estates, and condos.

You can rely on Happy and Clean to treat your home with respect it deserves. We understand that your home is your castle, and you expect nothing but the best from us. We want you to smile as you open the front door and step over the threshold of your home to find everything neat and clean.

Our goal is to give you a cleaning service experience that makes you feel like you’re living in a serviced boutique hotel.


Guelph Commercial Cleaning Services

Happy and Clean services offices, office parks, and business premises across the city of Guelph. We work with all businesses, from private gyms and martial arts studios to doctor’s rooms, restaurants, and commercial buildings.

We’re happy to arrange after-hours cleaning if you don’t want us working around your staff or clients. Our goal is to get in and out of your business in the fastest time possible, leaving you with world-class results from our service.

We understand you expect nothing but the best from our services, and we’re ready to blow you away with our results. A clean office or business premises leads to a better employee experience and customer experience.

Your employees will feel happier at work, and your customers will have a better image of your business and brand. We value our clients, and we want to build lifelong relationships with you as your preferred cleaning service of choice.


Happy and Clean – Professional Cleaning Service Guelph

Happy and Clean offers you a professional cleaning service in Guelph. Our proven cleaning techniques and systems provide you with the best results for your home.

We’ll clean your home from top to bottom and leave you with that WOW experience you can share with your friends and network on social media. We want you to talk good things about us, and we know you will.

We realize that our clients expect a level of service when they hire us. In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s easy for businesses to lose their reputation online. That’s why we put everything we have into every job card we take on.

We realize that our customers form the backbone of our business. Without you, we don’t have a business, and that’s why we’re willing to bend over backward for every client we have.

When you sign your service level agreement with us, you’re getting a well-rounded, premium cleaning service for your property. We guarantee our results, and we’re ready to deliver your home or office the results you expect.

We offer you the following when committing to our service level agreement with you.

  • Competitive and affordable rates.
  • Supervised teams of cleaning professionals working on your home.
  • World-class, 5-star cleaning service standards.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning products.
  • A 100% cleaning service guarantee.
  • Free quotes and custom servicing plans.

Let the Happy and Clean team show you what’s possible. You have a better life when you have a professional cleaning service in Guelph managing your cleaning responsibilities. Contact our service center at 127 551 0026 and talk to us about your custom cleaning requirements.

Happy and Clean – Our Mission and Service Agreement with You

When you hire Happy and Clean, you’re dealing with a company that respects our customers and their property. We strive to give your home or office the best cleaning experience possible. Our standards of excellence are world-class, and you can expect nothing but the best from working with Happy and Clean.


Licensed, Insured, and Bonded Cleaning Services in Guelph

Happy and Clean runs a professional cleaning service. That means we take our responsibilities to our clients seriously. We have all the insurance policies in place to limit liability to your home and our employees. We also ensure that we have the right permits to work on any property in Guelph.


Customer-First Service Focus

We value the client above all else – you’re the reason why we exist as a business. We aim for a positive customer experience with every property we clean. You can expect professionals to clean your home in half the time of other cleaning services. You can reschedule or cancel your appointment at any time, and we’ll work with you to ensure we understand your custom cleaning requirements.


Customized Cleaning Solutions

At Happy and Clean, we have a basic service offering for homes and offices. However, we also offer you customized cleaning schedules for your property. You can ask us to clean anything in your home, and we’ll tailor your cleaning service to meet your request. Contact our service team, and we’ll discuss your needs.


Certified Cleaning Professionals

With Happy and Clean, you get the best premium cleaning company in Guelph servicing your home. Our team has all the training they need to complete any cleaning task. From streak-free cleaning of your windows to vacuuming and mopping floors, you can leave it all to us. Our experienced cleaners will ensure they take care of your property like it was their own.


Dedicated and Managed Teams

Our cleaning teams work with captains that oversee everything they do. We clean to benchmark standards, and we’ll never leave your property until we have everything taken care of, according to your cleaning requests. Our dedicated teams love their work, and we can’t wait to start the workday.


No Contracts Required

Happy and clean leaves you with the final say in our work. If you feel we don’t live up to our commitments to you and your home, you never have to call us again. We don’t tie you into service contracts like so many other cleaning firms. With Happy and Clean, you get a contract-free cleaning team for your property.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Happy and Clean issues all our customers with our iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee. We promise that we’ll clean your home to your expectations., If you have any complaints (and we receive so few), contact our service center. We’ll ask you to send us some pictures of the work, and we’ll send a team out to clean your property to your expectations.

Happy and Clean Offers the Following Cleaning Services in Guelph

Happy and Clean offers you a comprehensive range of cleaning services in Guelph. We can set up custom cleaning schedules for residences, offices, and commercial properties. Contact Happy and Clean for any of the following cleaning services in Guelph. Our service center is waiting to take your call at 127 551 0026.

  • Guest House and Airbnb Cleaning in Guelph
  • Ceiling and Wall Cleaning in Guelph
  • Blind and Curtain Cleaning in Guelph
  • Carpet Cleaning in Guelph
  • Upholstery Cleaning in Guelph
  • Window Cleaning in Guelph
  • Restroom Cleaning in Guelph
  • Retail Cleaning in Guelph
  • School Cleaning in Guelph
  • Medical Cleaning in Guelph
  • Sports Cleaning in Guelph
  • Contract Cleaning in Guelph
  • Green Cleaning in Guelph


The Happy and Clean Proven Cleaning Process

Happy and Clean is confident in saying that we offer the best premium cleaning service in Guelph. That’s a bold statement; we realize that. However, our proven cleaning systems and process are behind our world-class results.

We give our team the training and guidance they need to leave your home or office in great shape. For Happy and Clean, cleaning is more than a chore or a task; it’s how we earn a living. Our teams are passionate about what they do, and we want to deliver the best results possible for you.

Happy and Clean can set up any cleaning schedule or custom plan you need for your property. Contact us for any of the following cleaning services in Guelph.

  • Customized Room Cleaning Plans
  • Whole-Home and Custom Cleaning
  • Effective Cleaning Agents and Equipment
  • Happy and Clean uses top-quality cleaning agents in your home.
  • Holiday Home Cleaning
  • Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Cleaning Plans
  • Happy and Clean works around your schedule.
  • Seasonal Cleaning Plans
  • Light Cleaning Services
  • Deep Cleaning Services


Why Choose Happy and Clean Guelph?

When you choose Happy and Clean as your cleaning partner, you’re working with the best team in the game. We maintain the highest levels of professionalism when entering your property. We arrive in uniform, in branded vehicles, with all the cleaning equipment we need to clean your home.

We work with biodegradable cleaning agents that don’t harm you, your employees, family, or the environment. Our team knows how to clean, and we’ll finish in half the time of competitor cleaning companies, with better results for your property.


Happy Cleaners and Happy Home

Happy and Clean is happy to service your home or business premises. Our goal is to leave you feeling happy with our services. When you step through the door of your home, we want a fresh-smelling, clean effect that leaves you smiling from ear to ear. While you might see cleaning your home or office as a chore, we see it as the source of our livelihood, and we’ll never do anything to jeopardize our client relationship with you.


Save Time and Energy

We went through the economics of cleaning your home or business yourself. Why go to the hassle when you can have the professionals do it for you? What could you do with more time in your day? Would you spend it relaxing or playing with the kids? Maybe you’re a single professional trying to advance your career? Happy and Clean will free up your time and enhance your life with our cleaning services in Guelph.


Professional Cleaning Standards

Happy and Clean operates a world-class cleaning service for your home or business. We value every opportunity we get to engage and service the communities around Guelph. We take our commitment to you seriously, and we understand the responsibility you leave in our hands when you entrust us with your home or office. You can rely on Happy and Clean for superior results.


User-Friendly Guelph Cleaning Service with Happy and Clean

Happy and Clean make it easy for you to book our services. If you want to speak to someone about your custom cleaning requirements for your home or office, contact our service center at 127 551 0026. Our friendly consultants will take your instructions and walk you through the process of confirming your booking.

Alternatively, you can book your cleaning service with us by setting up an account on our web portal on this site. You can handle every aspect of your booking online and even cancel or reschedule appointments with us.

We don’t penalize you for rescheduling or canceling; we just ask you to give us 48-hours’ notice before you do. We understand that life can get in the way of your best-laid plans from time to time. That’s why we offer you a flexible service.

If you’re booking online, follow this easy step-by-step process to book your appointment with Happy and Clean.

STEP 1 – Navigate to our online booking portal.

STEP 2 – Choose your cleaning plan.

STEP 3 – Enter your custom cleaning requirements.

STEP 4 – Choose your appointment date.

STEP 5 – Make Your Payment


Happy and Clean – We Go Beyond Your Expectations

Happy and Clean realizes you have expectations surrounding our service. We understand what you want out of cleaning services; it’s what makes our business successful. We value our reputation as the leading cleaning company in Guelph, and we appreciate your home as much as we do our business.

We’ll guarantee that you get the best cleaning service in Guelph for your home or office. Happy and Clean is a team that’s willing to do what others won’t. We’ll stretch the extra mile for you with a smile on our faces.

Our cleaning services meet international quality benchmarks, and we think we rank with the most elite cleaning companies in the world. Let us bring that experience to your property. Leverage the skills and reputation of Happy and Clean, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Reach out to our service desk at 127 551 0026 and book your cleaning appointment with us.

Our Guelph Cleaning Plans

Happy and Clean Residential Cleaning Plans Oakville


Happy and Clean bring you professional cleaning services in Oakville.

We offer cleaning of residential apartments, studios, single-family homes, condos, and estates.

 If you live in it, we’ll clean it, and we’ll do it with a smile on our faces.

We offer you our basic cleaning plan, and you have the option of calling our call center for special cleaning requirements.

We can visit your home daily or once a week, and you also have the option of requesting deep cleaning plans over the phone or through our online portal.

Here are the basic cleaning packages on offer with Happy and Clean.


Basic Home Cleaning Plan

We give you a special welcoming gift for your first month with us.

Our basic residential cleaning plans give you the following cleaning tasks included in your package.

  • Custom cleaning schedules.
  • Carpet Cleaning.
  • Window Cleaning.
  • Floor Vacuuming.
  • Bathroom Cleaning.
  • Kitchen Cleaning.

* Please read through our terms and conditions before selecting any plan.


Happy and Clean Commercial Cleaning Plans in Guelph

Do you own a business, commercial property, guest house, or hotel in Guelph? Contact Happy and Clean for professional cleaning of your premises. We work with landlords, property, and building managers to clean conference and board rooms with custom cleaning solutions for small and large companies.

Contact our service desk for custom requirements.


Small Business Cleaning Plan

The ideal plan for small businesses, retail stores, and offices.

Send us the size of your office floorplan.

Our basic plan includes the following cleaning tasks.

  • Custom cleaning schedules daily.
  • Desk and workstation cleaning.
  • Washroom cleaning.
  • Floor and carpet cleaning.
  • Waiting area cleaning.

* Please read through our terms and conditions before selecting any plan.


Large Business Cleaning Plan

This option is perfect for larger offices and business premises.

Our basic plan includes the following cleaning tasks.

  • Desk and workstation cleaning.
  • Washroom cleaning.
  • Floor and carpet cleaning.
  • Waiting area cleaning.

* Please read through our terms and conditions before selecting any plan.

Guelph Cleaning Services Near Me

Happy and Clean is available anywhere in Guelph. Contact us for assistance, whether you own a home in Brant or a business in Guelph Junction or the Old City. We operate on both the Speed River and Eramosa River banks, and we service learning centers around the University of Guelph and hotels on Gordon Street.

Contact us and book professional cleaning services in any of the following areas in Guelph.

  • Exhibition Park
  • Downtown Guelph
  • Riverside Park
  • Clairfields
  • General Hospital
  • Grange Hill
  • Kortright East
  • Kortright Hills
  • Kortright West
  • Old University
  • Dovercliffe Park
  • St. George’s Park
  • St. Patrick’s Ward
  • Victoria North
  • Village by the Arboretum
  • Willow West
  • Sugarbush
  • Westminster Woods
  • Pine Ridge

Reach out to our service center for a professional cleaning service in any neighborhood or area in Guelph or the GTA. Contact us, and we’ll book a cleaning appointment for your office, home, or business premises.

Happy and Clean Cleaning Services in Guelph FAQ

If you have any questions for us, reach out to our service team at 127 551 0026 for immediate assistance. Check through our FAQs to see if we can help with your query.


Q: Does Happy and clean provide contractual cleaning services for corporates, commercial buildings, and hotels?

A: Yes, we can arrange contract cleaning services for corporates and building managers. We understand that these businesses and entities may require us to be on their books. Call our service center and speak to our consultants. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about our contractual cleaning services in Guelph.


Q: Does Happy and Clean use HEPA-filter technology when vacuuming my home or office?

A: Yes, we use HEPA filters on all our vacuum cleaners to remove the dust from the air. We don’t just move the dust around and give you an allergy attack; we trap it all with HEPA filter technology. We also use microfiber cloths and gentle cleaning agents on your surfaces, flooring, and furniture.


Q: How long does it take my carpets, rugs, and mats to dry after Happy and Clean finish with them?

A: When we finish cleaning your carpets, they’ll be wet. It takes around 12-hours for rugs and mats to dry and approximately 12 to 48-hours for your carpet to dry. The total drying time depends on the weather. You can usually walk around on the carpet in your socks 12-hours after cleaning, and you can walk around in footwear after 24-hours.


Q: What are the payment methods accepted by Happy and Clean?

A: Happy and Clean accepts major credit cards for our services. We’ll only charge your card after we complete the cleaning service at your property.


Q: Why do I have to enter information about my home’s size and address when setting up my account on the online booking portal?

A: We require the size of your home to calculate our cleaning costs. We also need your address to find your home on the appointment date. Don’t worry. We keep all your data safe on secured, encrypted servers. We don’t sell or share any of your data with third parties.


Q: Can I cancel or reschedule with Happy and Clean? What are the penalties?

A: Yes, Happy and Clean offers you a flexible cleaning service in Guelph. We understand that things might come up in your schedule, and we’re happy to cancel or reschedule your service for another date. Please give us 48-hours’ notice for any cancellation or rescheduling.


Q: Do I receive a booking confirmation for my cleaning appointment?

A: Yes, you’ll receive your booking confirmation through email after completing your order on our website portal. If you’re ordering our services over the phone, the agent will send you your booking confirmation when they finish preparing your quote.


Q: Can you send the same cleaning team to my property as last time?

A: Yes, we can send you the same team to clean your property as we did last time. We understand that some high-value asset-based businesses or cash businesses have a security concern. We also know that some of our clients might just prefer a specific team cleaning their home. Contact us, and we’ll ensure you get the same team every time.


Q: What are the cleaning tasks that Happy and Clean can’t do?

A: Happy and Clean doesn’t have the necessary licenses for cleaning up hazardous materials. Therefore, we can’t clean up toilet overflows or pet mess.


Q: Can I hire Happy and clean to take care of my vacation home or corporate apartment?

A: Yes, Happy and Clean specializes in the cleaning of corporate apartments and vacation homes. Let us clear the air and get the dust out of the property before you arrive. We’ll leave your home looking neat and smelling fresh, and you’ll feel like you’re arriving at a services boutique hotel.


Q: Does Happy and Clean use sustainable, eco-friendly cleaning products?

A: Yes, Happy and Clean believes the environment needs all the protection it can get, and we aim to reduce the impact of your home on the local ecosystem. We only use “green-certified” cleaning products that are safe for your home, family, and the environment. If you have skin allergies, we can use your cleaning materials at your request, speak to our service team about your needs.