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We are on a mission to make Toronto a happier place; one clean home, office, site and building at a time.


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Premium Toronto house cleaning by happy cleaners.

Here at Happy and Clean, we understand that everyone's house cleaning requirements are unique. To better serve our customers, we provide a wide selection of bespoke, flexible, accessible and reasonably priced house cleaning services in Toronto.

Happy Cleaners

Our cleaners are not only professional and experienced, they are also enthusiastic.

On-demand & On-going

You never have to worry about house or office cleaning ever again with us by your side.

Convenient Service

We provide a convenient and easy-to-use (on-demand) Toronto cleaning service.

Strict cleaning standards

Based on our extensively researched and detailed house cleaning checklist, we guarantee a genuinely thorough and high quality of cleaning.

Easy to use Toronto cleaning service

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Input relevant details

You want your home or office cleaned right. Let us know what we need to know about your space to do an amazing job.

Select a cleaning plan

Pick from many amazing cleaning services and solutions. Choose an effective cleaning plan based on your requirements and needs.

Set a date

Schedule in the date you want your cleaning (or a date that works for you) and we will work around that.

Enjoy and watch

All the hard stuff is done. Now, just sit back and relax while we go to work cleaning your space. Cleaning simplified.


Dedicated to making your home, condo, space, or office as clean as possible.


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Top Toronto cleaning company

We are more than just Toronto cleaners.

Our expert Toronto cleaners are extremely glad and grateful to take on any project, from a fast treatment cleaning for your house to a comprehensive top-to-bottom deep cleaning service for your home, business, or commercial facility. You will receive amazing value for your money with our strict standards and keen eye for detail, affordable rates, and unique offers. Please contact us as soon as possible to book your cleaning.

“We are an enthusiastic cleaning solutions provider providing top-notch office and house cleaning services in numerous regions around the city of Toronto. Our firm was founded with the goal of assisting people and making Torontonians lives simpler and a much needed bit easier. We understand that with your job or business, school work and obligations, children, loved ones, extra-curricular activities, and so much more on your plate, the last thing you really want to do is office or housework. That's where we can and will help!”

Happy and Clean

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Top Toronto Cleaning Service

Nothing will make you happier than a clean space.

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Top Toronto Maid Service For Hire.

The Happy and Clean Difference.

Happy and Clean is a top Toronto maid service that serves the city as well as the Greater Toronto Area. You might assume that hiring a professional cleaner or a maid service in Toronto isn’t worth the money, but you’d be extremely mistaken. A competent maid or cleaning service will do the following (making your life way easier):

  1. Continue to be productive (or significantly improve productivity). Cleaning services and a Toronto maid service like ours can (will) free up time for the things that matter most to you, such as your job, your beautiful and awesome family, or much-needed relaxation, especially if you currently don’t have enough time in a day to care about home details and general household tasks due to your hectic lifestyle.
  2. Raise your spirits and make yourself happier. You’ve probably heard the adage “a cluttered house is a cluttered mind.” That is correct. It’s frighteningly suffocating to be surrounded by a pile of stuff – it’s especially worse when it is all the time (over the course of a long period). Have you ever wondered why hoarders appear to be stuck and depressed? It’s because their minds are so crowded with the things they see that it unconsciously depresses them.
  3. Maintain your health. When you allow clutter to collect and build up in your house, dust, bacteria, and other allergies can and will also accumulate. All of these items have the potential to make you and your family (friends, colleagues, and others you welcome into your home) ill. A regular or semi-regular house cleaning by a top Toronto maid service may (will likely) eliminate these difficulties, resulting in a healthy home and healthy (happy) loved ones.
  4. Make your home show-worthy and/or ready to be showcased. The most apparent benefit of a clean house is that it is always ready for company (guests and family), both unexpected and scheduled, so the last-minute, pressure-packed “quick clean before the in-laws get here” is a thing of the past.


Happy and Clean strives to be the most professional, dependable, and cost-effective maid service in Toronto. And we aspire to provide you more than just a quick house clean, but a full maid service and cleaning experience. Call or book today.

Cleaning Services Knowledge Center

Cleaning Services Toronto

Are you looking for cleaning services in Toronto? Happy and Clean is here to help you keep your home (office or business premises) in immaculate condition year-round. For the best house cleaning and office/commercial cleaning, Toronto has to offer, contact us and book your appointment.

We service all areas of Toronto, and our mobile cleaning service will get to you wherever you are. Contact us for a competitive quote; you won’t find better quality cleaning services at such an affordable rate.

With Happy and Clean, you get a professional cleaning service delivering to your expectations, guaranteed.

Happy and Clean – Our Mission

At Happy and Clean, our mission is to create cleaner living and working spaces across the city of Toronto (and surrounding areas). Our goal is to deliver a world-class cleaning service beyond what our customers expect from us. We’re not just your average Toronto cleaning company; we want to be your partner in keeping your home or office clean.

With Happy and Clean, we make cleaning convenient and secure. You can trust our team to take care of your home or office, creating a hygienic and clean environment for you, your family, or your work colleagues.

The Best Cleaning Services Toronto Has to Offer!

Happy and Clean has a reputation as one of the best cleaning services in Toronto. A sizable portion of our business comes from happy repeat customers that trust the results they get with us.

Have you ever hired a Toronto cleaning service only to think that you could have probably done a better job yourself in a few hours? There’s nothing more frustrating than paying for a service where you feel you didn’t get value for your money.

We get that. At Happy and Clean, we want you to notice our work. When you arrive home from the office, you’ll experience the difference we bring to your residence. We take particular care with all our cleaning tasks, and there isn’t a surface in your home we leave untouched.

Happy and Clean isn’t only for the home; we offer office cleaning and commercial cleaning services for businesses and industry (in Toronto). We can create custom cleaning and maintenance schedules to suit your budget and requirements for any building, of any size, anywhere in Toronto – We’ll clean any structure in the city.

Residential Cleaning Services Toronto

Happy and Clean provides homeowners with a one-stop cleaning service (in Toronto) they can trust. From whole-home cleaning to partial room cleaning, we can take care of anything you need around your residence.

Why go to the hassle of cleaning your home yourself when you can rely on us to do it for you? When you arrive home after a hard day at the office, the last thing you need is to spend two or three hours cleaning your home once or twice a week.

Throwing your weekends away on household chores is also a waste of your time. Think of how many hours you take away from time with your family or with more important career projects by just simply cleaning your home.

Hiring Happy and Clean frees up your time to focus on your priorities in life. How much is your time worth to you? If we take a simple 2-hour cleaning routine done to a single apartment just once a week, that means you spend eight hours a month, or 96-hours a year, cleaning your apartment.

That’s four solid 24-hour days cleaning your apartment. When we account for activities like sleeping and eating, that means we probably spend around a week of our lives cleaning our apartment each year. Imagine how much more time it takes from your life if you have a larger family home and have to clean twice a week. Now we’re talking months of your year lost to cleaning your home.

Wouldn’t you rather have Happy and Clean do it for you while you take care of the important things in life?

Office and Commercial Cleaning Services Toronto

Happy and Clean runs a premium cleaning service for office buildings, commercial buildings, retail establishments, restaurants, and many other businesses around Toronto. If you’re a business owner or a building manager, how much are you spending on your cleaning budget?

Large commercial buildings dedicate entire divisions to cleaning and maintenance. However, before you commit to employment contracts and add more overhead to your operating costs, consider hiring Happy and Clean.

You’ll find that you get savings on your budget with us cleaning your building. We provide professional results, and there are no more problems with inefficient employees that suck up salaries while avoiding work wherever they can.

With Happy and Clean, you’ll save thousands of dollars on your annual cleaning costs. Plus, there’s no need to employ managers or control cleaning supply inventory. Happy and Clean takes care of everything for you.

If you have a small office or own an entire office block, Happy and Clean can help you keep the premises clean. We’ll negotiate custom cleaning contracts with you to ensure you get the results you want for your offices and building.

Contact our service center and book your cleaning experience with Happy and Clean right now. Save money for your business, and get a fast, efficient, and effective Toronto cleaning company to maintain your office.

What Cleaning Services Do Happy and Clean Toronto Cleaners Offer?

Happy and Clean offers a range of cleaning services (in Toronto) for residences, offices, commercial buildings, and retail establishments. If you need anything cleaned, we’ll take care of it, with professional results you can trust.

Our service offering includes the following.

House and Home Cleaning (in Toronto)

With Happy and Clean maintaining your home, you’ll never have to lift a finger to take out the trash again. We offer whole-home cleaning solutions for your residence (easy and convenient Toronto house cleaning), covering every room in the house. Our teams can handle the largest homes, offering you fast and efficient cleaning times.

Imagine arriving home to a perfectly clean home without the hassle of having to mop the floors and vacuum the rugs. Imagine curling up in crisp, clean sheets on your bed, and never worry about doing the dishes again.

Our deep cleaning services in Toronto give you the ultimate home cleaning experience. Whether you own an apartment or a ten-bedroom family estate, contact Happy and Clean, and we’ll talk to you about cleaning your home.


Office Cleaning Services Toronto

If you’re a business owner, then you probably already know that the cleanliness of your offices or business premises is paramount to the impression your company creates in the mind of your customers. Think about it, would you take your dog to a vet’s office if it looked dirty?

Happy and Clean offers dedicated cleaning services for businesses and offices in and around Toronto. If you’re a building manager looking for a company to help you service your entire office block, Happy and Clean can take care of it for you.

Our office cleaning services are fast and efficient, and we’ll never get in the way of your employees or customers.


On-going Cleaning Service Toronto

Happy and Clean offers you one-off cleaning services or an on-going cleaning service. Our one-off services are great for landlords looking to clean up after old tenants move out. It’s also a good choice for people moving into new homes that want a fresh start in their new house.

Happy and Clean also goes beyond its one-shot cleaning service, offering homeowners customized on-going cleaning for their homes. We’ll tailor your cleaning service level agreement to include any terms you want.

When you hire our on-going cleaning service, we’ll give the kitchen and bathroom a thorough cleaning and sterilization. We mop and vacuum all surfaces throughout the home, and we disinfect high touch-point areas to reduce contact with pathogens and allergens clinging to surfaces.

We also offer cleaning maintenance contracts or one-off cleaning services for offices, local businesses, and commercial buildings. Call our service center and talk to one of our friendly consultants about your cleaning requirements.


On-going Cleaning and Housekeeping on Your Schedule

Our home cleaning Toronto services happen according to your schedule, not ours. We’re here to make life easier for you, and that means catering to your schedule and your cleaning requirements.

We can arrange a custom cleaning schedule for your home or office. Whether you want twice-weekly, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning of your premises, we’ll make it happen.

At Happy and Clean, we arrive at your home or office on time, dressed in uniform, so you know it’s us. We get to work right away with efficient, proven cleaning strategies.

You’ll find we clean your premises in half the time of a maid or in-house cleaning crew, and we’re in-and-out of your property before the family gets home or your customers ever notice us.


Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning Services Toronto

Are you moving in or out of an apartment, home or office anywhere in Toronto? Call Happy and Clean for professional cleaning of the premises before you leave or arrive.

If you recently purchased a new apartment or single-family home, you probably want to take possession of a clean residence. Moving into a dirty home just doesn’t give you the start you want out of the experience.

It’s the same with offices; you need to move into a new building that looks good for your employees and clients to respect and admire. Moving into dirty offices sets a bad impression on your team and your customers.

If you’re moving out of an apartment, you probably let your cleaning duties slip a bit in the last month as you prepare for the move.

Why spend hours cleaning up the home to get your security deposit back? Hire Happy and Clean, and we’ll make sure your home is up to the landlord’s cleanliness standards. You’ll get your security deposit back without any hassles.


Apartment and Condo Cleaning Services Toronto

Contact Happy and Clean for the best apartment and condo cleaning Toronto has to offer. Our cleaning teams can finish cleaning your apartment from top to bottom in a few hours, giving you a sparkling clean home – welcoming you on your return from the office.

Our apartment and condo cleaning services are affordable, and we offer one-off cleaning or a contractual service with on-going maintenance for your home. If you live in an apartment or condo, chances are you have a busy life. Why go to the hassle of cleaning it yourself when you can hire Happy and Clean to do a better job (and for awesome Toronto condo cleaning services)?


Cleaning for Seniors in Toronto

At Happy and Clean, we respect the contribution seniors made in building the foundations of modern society. As seniors get closer to their twilight years, we realize that it’s challenging to maintain a clean home.

With Happy and Clean helping you out, you don’t have to worry about hurting your back or blowing out your knees, vacuuming the carpet, or cleaning the windows. We’ll take care of cleaning every room in the home, ensuring you never have to lift a finger.


Cleaning Services for Airbnb and Short-Term Rentals

If you own a guest house or Airbnb, who’s handling your cleaning? Happy and Clean can service your residence in preparation for your next guests. We contract with all saavy Airbnb owners across Toronto (that choose to partner with us), ensuring that they give their customers a clean experience of their property.

We also offer short-term rental cleaning services for landlords. When your tenants move out, we’ll move in and clean any mess they left behind. If there’s a problem with the property when we arrive, we’ll call you with a report.

We also offer contracts for property management companies across Toronto. Contact Happy and Clean and experience the best house cleaning Toronto has to offer. Take the frustration out of your property management with us running your cleaning team.


Spring Cleaning Services Toronto

When spring is in the air – it’s time for a thorough cleaning of your home. Winter gets cold in Toronto, and we all spend more time indoors. As a result, pollutants build up inside the house, collecting on the walls and surfaces in rooms.

When the spring arrives, it’s time to get a fresh start for your residence with Happy and Clean (top Toronto cleaning service provider). We’ll visit your home and clean it from top to bottom, ensuring we don’t miss a single spot. Even if you don’t choose us as your on-going cleaning partner, we’ll give you a great baseline start for your cleaning duties for the summer and winter.

It’s a good idea to call us back to your home in the fall. During the summer and early fall, plants and trees around your home release pollen into the air. This particulate matter enters your home along with other contaminants like mould spores and dust.

Happy and Clean will clean and disinfect your home, eliminating all allergens from all surfaces in every room. Our spring cleaning services can help you breathe easy this summer and winter if you have asthma or allergies.


Carpet Cleaning Services Toronto

Are you thinking about cleaning your carpets? Carpet cleaning is a specialized task requiring the right equipment and chemicals to produce an eco-friendly and immaculate finish on your flooring. Happy and Clean utilizes the latest cleaning technology for your flooring, ensuring your carpets get a deep cleaning, removing all contaminants right down to the felt lining.

We use vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration units to remove the dust from your carpets without dispersing it back into the room. A HEPA filter captures 99.97% of all particulate matter in the air, down to 0.3-microns in size. If you have allergies to dust, you don’t have to worry about us kicking it up into the air in the room.

Our carpet cleaning services remove dust and dust mites, reducing the severity and intensity of allergic responses to these allergens.


Mattress Cleaning Services Toronto

If we had to show you some of the material we pull out of people’s mattresses, it would shock you. You can’t believe what’s living in your mattress, and it’s enough to make you want to set it on fire. With Happy and Clean, you get a mattress cleaning service that removes all the dust mites and dead skin particles from your sleeping surface.

We’ll leave your mattress looking and smelling like new. We’ll get rid of any old sweat stains and restore your bed to its original glory. We offer cleaning services for all types of mattresses, including memory foam models.


COVID (Virus) Cleaning Services Toronto

The coronavirus pandemic saw people suddenly understand the need to keep their homes clean. Viruses and bacteria exist on all surfaces throughout the house, from the kitchen counter to the living room carpet or the HVAC ducting.

Regularly cleaning your home is the frontline of defence against the spread of disease in your home. Ensuring you clean the toilets, shower, sinks, kitchen sinks, fridge, and laundry area frequently is critical to prevent the spread of pathogens.

Happy and Clean offers you a cleaning service that sterilizes every surface in your home. We’ll visit your premises and make sure no germs survive by the time we walk out the door.

Why Choose Happy and Clean for Cleaning Services In Toronto?

When you hire Happy and Clean, you get reliable cleaning professionals you can trust, delivering results beyond your expectations. We utilize tested cleaning methods, taking a systematic approach to how we clean your home.

We have cleaning (in Toronto and surrounding areas) down to a science, and we won’t miss a spot on any surface around your home. Our cleaning methods are efficient, taking us less time to clean your home without skimping on the results. Whether you need an entire office block cleaned, or you’re looking for the best maids Toronto has to offer, contact Happy and Clean to book your service today.

When you hire Happy and Clean, you can expect the following from your service level agreement with us.

Customer-Focused Service

At Happy and Clean, we realize we wouldn’t have a business without our customers. After our clients experience our service, they typically keep coming back for assistance with cleaning their home; why do it yourself when it’s so convenient to call Happy and Clean?

As a result, more than 60% of our business comes from returning clients that see the value we bring to maintaining their home. When we arrive on-site, you know you’re dealing with a professional Toronto cleaning service from the get-go.

We work with you to understand the concerns and needs you have for cleaning your apartment, condo, single-family home, space or office. We’ll make recommendations to you and offer you a custom on-going cleaning solution for your premises.

Our service professionals greet you with a smile and enthusiasm, and every one of our employees goes through customer service training before we send them out into the field. Some of the key highlights of the Happy and Clean experience include the following.

  • A professional (and Happy and Clean) demeanor and attitude.
  • A motivation to leave your home or office as clean as possible.
  • Systematic, consistent cleaning practices with repeatable results.
  • Fast and efficient cleaning results.
  • Trustworthy, reliable cleaning staff.
  • An eco-friendly cleaning experience using no chemicals harmful to the environment.
  • A quality guarantee on the cleanliness of your home or office.


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents

Happy and Clean understand that we all need to cut back on the pollutants we send out into the environment. We aim to limit the effects of our carbon footprint and the waste we create on the planet. That’s why Happy and Clean only uses environmentally-friendly cleaning agents when we clean your home or office.

All of our products come registered as safe for responsible use around the home. None of the chemicals we use in the process create volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). The air quality in your home receives a significant improvement by the time we finish removing particulate contaminants.

The only scents we leave behind in your home are the aroma of VOC-free perfumes and fresheners designed to leave rooms smelling fresh and clean.


Cutting-Edge Cleaning Equipment

When you hire Happy and Clean, you’re benefitting from a team with top-level training and experience in cleaning homes across Toronto. At Happy and Clean, we know that’s not enough. To deliver a “wow” experience to our clients, we need the best equipment for the job.

Happy and Clean utilizes top-quality cleaning agents and cleaning equipment to get your home looking in great shape. Our microfiber cloths leave surfaces looking new, and we carry everything we need on hand to clean your house.

With Happy and Clean, you don’t supply any cleaning materials; it’s all included in the cost of your quote. We won’t leave streaks on glass or scratch your furniture. Our professional-grade cleaning methods, products, and equipment produce outstanding results that you can rely on.


Trained Professionals

Every cleaner we welcome to the team goes through a customer service program to understand the ethos behind the way we handle our clients. They also receive training for cleaning tasks to help them tackle any situation they find in the field.

While we’re confident in the competency of our team, accidents may happen. You don’t have to worry about anything if there’s an accident while we’re on-site. All our employees have workers’ compensation, and we’re a fully licensed and insured business.

We also realize that you might not be comfortable letting strangers into your home. Every employee we bring on board goes through an extensive background and criminal check before putting on their uniform. We want you to trust our services, staff, and the results you get when you hire Happy and Clean.


Mobile Service Teams

Happy and Clean operates mobile cleaning teams servicing the city of Toronto. We maintain all of our vehicles to the highest standard. When we arrive on your property, we won’t leak oil on your driveway. Our cars come fully equipped with the team and tools we need to clean your home.

We offer mobile cleaning services for homes, businesses, offices, and commercial buildings, anywhere in Toronto. Contact our service desk, and we’ll send someone over for a no-obligation quote right now.



When you hire Happy and Clean, you get consistent results you can trust. Unlike other cleaning services that are great one week and then useless the following week, you can expect consistency with us.

Our cleaning staff go through a rigorous training program outlining the exact methodology and specifics we use at Happy and Clean when we service your home.

The result is unmatched consistency in the cleaning process. Every team has a captain managing the squad. They inspect the work to meet the Happy and Clean standards before we close the job card.

With Happy and Clean, you also have the option of requesting a specific cleaning team. If you like the interaction with your cleaners or don’t want more people to see your home, we’ll allocate a particular team to your account.



Happy and Clean has the best maids Toronto has to offer. Our service is consistent, and we’re reliable. We’ll show up on time, without any excuses, ready to clean your home or office. With Happy and Clean, you get a service you can trust.

When you hand out special cleaning instructions, we’re listening, and we’ll ensure that we leave everything to your specifications before closing the job card. If you ever have any issues, we’re a phone call away, and our service comes backed by our satisfaction warranty.


Affordable Estimates

Many people make the mistake of thinking that hiring a home or office cleaning service in Toronto costs a fortune. However, that’s not the case. If you consider everything you spend on household cleaners throughout the year, that’s a considerable amount of money.

Hiring a maid doesn’t come with cleaning products and equipment included, and it takes one person a lot longer to clean your home than the Happy and Clean team. Add the loss of your time we talked about earlier, and it gets a lot more expensive.

How much is your time worth to you? $50 per hour, $200 per hour? Think about the money it costs you to clean your home each year, and you’ll find hiring Happy and Clean is a lot more cost-effective than you think.

We invite you to put us to the test. Contact our service center right now and arrange a no-obligation quote for cleaning your home. Our service consultant will give you an estimate over the phone or email, or we’ll send someone to your home for an accurate quote on the work.

Happy and Clean aims to be an affordable cleaning service to add to your monthly household expenses without breaking your monthly budget.


Insured and Licensed

Our house cleaning services in Toronto come fully licensed and insured to operate anywhere in the city of Toronto and the Greater Toronto area. We take responsibility for every site we visit, and if there is ever an accident with our staff, we have all the cover we need to take care of the situation.

You have no liability whatsoever if anything goes wrong while we’re at your home, office, or commercial property. Our team has the necessary licenses to operate legally on any residential or commercial property throughout Toronto.


Ethical Estimates

When you hire Happy and Clean, you get an affordable, ethical service you can trust. We’ll give you an estimate for cleaning your home and a final quote when we arrive on site. When you get a quote from Happy and Clean, it includes the total cost of cleaning your home.

We don’t include any hidden charges, and we’re completely transparent with our costs. You get itemized billing, showing you exactly where you’re spending your money. As a result, you can effectively evaluate the costs of our service to determine if it’s worth it for you to hire us. We’re confident you’ll find the results in our favour.


Remote Cleaning

We understand that you don’t want the cleaning team arriving when you get home from the office. The evenings are for winding down and enjoying quality time alone, with your partner, or with the family. We’re not going to intrude on your property after hours.

Our team visits your home during the day while you’re at work, completing our cleaning duties before you get in your car to head home. When you step over the threshold of your apartment or house, a fresh, clean scent greets you at the door, and you’ll notice the difference just looking around as you enter the room.

All our employees undergo background checks, so all your valuables are safe when we’re in your home. We’ve never had a customer experience any loss or suspicious activity during our visits to their home. We welcome you recording our cleaning activities on your home camera system.


Special Requests

When you hire Happy and Clean, you have the option of ordering custom cleaning requests. We offer deep cleaning Toronto services that get even the most neglected homes and offices back in pristine shape. Our apartment and condo cleaning Toronto services cater to any room setup, furniture, and special cleaning requests.

Please fill out the special requests checklist when ordering your service online, or call our service center and speak to a consultant to make sure they understand your needs. Happy and Clean realizes our clients have independent and individualized cleaning requirements, and we’re glad to oblige.


All Cleaning Agents Included

As mentioned, the annual cost of your cleaning detergents can run into hundreds of dollars. It’s also frustrating when you’re cleaning your home, and you realize you just ran out of tile cleaner. When you hire Happy and Clean, you get all cleaning products and equipment included in your quote.

We carry a full range of cleaning agents, with specialized products for cleaning windows, ovens, floors, bathrooms, and more. You never have to worry about us running out of our eco-friendly cleaning products when we’re halfway through the process.

When you hire Happy and Clean, you’re benefitting from us using high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning products in your home. However, you’re also benefitting from the significant bulk discount we get from our suppliers. As a result, we can afford to pass on those discounts to you.


Emergency Cleaning Services Toronto

If you need emergency cleaning, call Happy and Clean right now. If your regional manager is flying into town to inspect your premises, you need cleaning ASAP. If you have family arriving for the week and the house is a mess, call Happy and Clean for assistance.

Our emergency cleaning services are available 7-days a week. Contact our service center, and we’ll take care of your problem. With Happy and Clean, you get a stress-free, last-minute cleaning of your home, with guaranteed results.


The Happy and Clean Cleaning Satisfaction Guarantee

At Happy and Clean, we offer you a 100% guarantee when you hire our Toronto cleaning service. We treat every client as an individual, and we understand everyone has individual expectations. 

It’s for this reason that we offer customized cleaning services, and we pay special attention to your expectations and special requests during our initial review of your home.

If we leave your premises, and it doesn’t meet your expectations, contact our service center within 48-hours. We’ll send a team around to your home or office to re-clean the area. While our team rarely misses anything, we’re ready to claim responsibility and remain accountable to your expectations.

What Kind of Cleaning Tasks Does Happy and Clean Handle?

So, what can you expect from Happy and Clean when you hire our cleaning services? The Happy and Clean team goes through an extensive training program when they join the company. 

We have a systematic approach to cleaning, and we have team leaders on-site completing quality checks of all the work before closing a job card for that specific room.

When you hire Happy and Clean, you’re not getting maids Toronto that skip some areas if they “feel” it doesn’t need cleaning that day. With us, we clean it whether it looks good or not. We understand that some contaminants in your home are not visible to the naked eye.

Our professional house cleaning services in Toronto ensure you get the results you expect when you return home from the office. Here’s a sample checklist from our cleaning schedule for the average home or apartment.


  • Clean the cabinet fronts.
  • Dust and wipe all countertops and shelves.
  • Clean the backsplash and sink.
  • Load and empty the dishwasher.
  • Clean appliance exteriors (toaster, coffee maker, water coolers).
  • Clean the oven, stove, cooker hood, dishwasher, and microwave (external wiping only).
  • Dust all surfaces.
  • Clean all windows and window sills.
  • Dust and wipe baseboards.
  • Wipe and sanitize all doorknobs, doors, and doorframes.
  • Wipe and sanitize light switches.
  • Clean tables and chairs.
  • Polish wooden furniture.
  • Emptying of recycling bins and garbage.
  • Vacuuming and washing of floors.
  • Clean and sanitize the sink, shower, and bath.
  • Clean the shower glass and remove soap scum from floors.
  • Cleaning of the toilet, inside and out.
  • Cleaning of mirrors.
  • Cleaning of cabinet fronts.
  • Dust and wipe countertops and shelves.
  • Cleaning of windows and windowsills.
  • Wiping and sanitizing of light switches.
  • Wiping baseboards.
  • Cleaning tiles.
  • Towels changed.
  • The dusting of all surfaces.
  • Vacuuming of rugs and carpets.
  • Vacuuming and mopping of tiled floors.
  • Light organizing work.
  • Beds re-sheeted or made.
  • Cleaning of mirrors.
  • Polishing of nightstands and furniture.
  • The dusting of baseboards.
  • Wiping of doorframes, doors, and doorknobs or handles.
  • Wiping and sanitizing of light switches.
  • Emptying of recycling waste and garbage.
Other Home Living Areas
  • The dusting of all surfaces.
  • Vacuuming of rugs, carpets, and upholstery.
  • All furniture polished.
  • Fluffing of pillows and cushions.
  • Cleaning of windowsills and window tracks.
  • During of baseboards.
  • Wiping and sanitizing of light switches.
  • Emptying of garbage and recycling waste.

Professional Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services Toronto

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a hotel room after checking in? That feeling of satisfaction as you look around at a perfectly made bed, with everything neatly organized and the scent of freshener in the air?

What if you could have that every time you walked into your home? With Happy and Clean, you can hire a custom Toronto cleaning service that caters to the unique characteristics of your home. Our home cleaning services (in Toronto) keep your house in immaculate shape without you ever having to lift a finger.

With Happy and Clean, you get a range of cleaning services to suit your home, office, or commercial building. We can clean anything, to your requirements.

If you have guests visiting your home, do you want them to arrive at a messy home? Do you want to waste hours of your time cleaning your house in preparation for their arrival? We guess that you have more pressing matters to attend to than cleaning your home.

Let’s look at the same scenario for a business. Do you have management coming to check on your office this week? What if they arrive to find your office looking filthy? That’s a reflection of your management skills. Keeping your business premises clean and safe for your employees and customers is a must if you want to have either.

With Happy and Clean, you get a professional cleaning service available for businesses and residences across Toronto. We clean any premises, and we do it fast, with top-quality results you can trust. If you’re a homeowner or a business owner in Toronto, contact our service center and ask for an estimate today.

Regardless of whether you own a home or a commercial property, or you’re renting, contact Happy and Clean for all your cleaning requirements. 

Some of the additional services we offer companies and residents around Toronto include the following.


Emergency Same Day Cleaning

At Happy and Clean, we realize accidents happen. If you have something go wrong at your home or office, and you need emergency same-day cleaning, call Happy and Clean for assistance. We operate a team of mobile cleaning professionals that are ready to reach you wherever you live or work in Toronto.

We receive lots of requests for emergency cleaning each week. From vandalism, occupant accidents, negative weather-related issues, and water damage or mitigation. Contact our service center, and we’ll send a team around to your property to give you a quote.


Secure and Safe Cleaning Services

If you’re a business owner or homeowner, the last thing you need is strangers walking around your property. Many people don’t hire cleaning teams because they feel they might present a security risk for the premises. That’s entirely understandable.

However, when you hire Happy and Clean, you get a team you can trust cleaning your home or business premises. We ensure that every employee we hire undergoes a comprehensive background and criminal check. We don’t employ felons, and you can rest assured that we’re taking the best care of your home without any ill intent.

Happy and Clean is also available for cleaning high-security areas in businesses and government buildings. We welcome reference checks and background checks into all our employees as part of your security protocols.


Green Cleaning Services

The pressure is on companies to conform to green cleaning standards. Cleaning chemicals are a significant source of environmental pollutants. Cleaning the average home or commercial building puts plenty of chemicals into the local environment, where they may enter the local water treatment system.

Happy and Clean has a commitment to the people of Toronto to operate an environmentally responsible business. We only use cleaning products that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, ensuring that we don’t create any damage in the community with our business practices.

Businesses are under pressure to comply with green cleaning codes, and Happy and Clean has the solution you need. Let us help you reduce the pollutants you send out into the environment, giving your home or business the chance to give back to the community by minimizing your impact on the community.


Construction Site Cleaning

Renovating your home or business premises is an exciting experience. After all the work is over, someone has to do the cleaning up. Cleaning a new extension on your home for the first time is a challenging experience. It may be new, but there are tons of cleaning tasks to do around the room or extension.

We offer you a deep cleaning specialist and service (in Toronto) that gets your new extension into shape for occupancy. We’ll remove any waste, any signs of building dust, and we’ll clean the walls and floors to remove any residues left during the construction phase.

Our site cleaning services reduce the presence of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) in the air after installing flooring, drywall, or painting your premises. With our construction cleaning service (in Toronto), you get an immediate occupancy and a professional clean for your new addition.

Contact Us for a Cleaning Contract for Your Residence Or Commercial Building

At Happy and Clean, we offer one-off and contractual cleaning services for your residence or commercial property. We realize that every home and business premise is unique, and we take that approach when assessing your estimate.

If you decide to contract us to clean your home or residence, you can expect several advantages for your home maintenance. First, your home is always going to look and smell great. Choosing a weekly cleaning service keeps your apartment, condo, or single-family home in tip-top condition.

Second, you can expect to have more time on your hands for connecting with your friends, family, or business interests. Wrapping up, you’ll probably end up saving on your annual cleaning costs when you consider the savings you make on cleaning products, equipment, and your time.

With Happy and Clean, you have the option of setting up a custom cleaning schedule for your home. Choose to hire us once or twice a week, once every other week, or monthly, depending on your needs. For example, if you own a lock-up-and-go apartment, and you find yourself travelling away from the city often, your needs are different from a family of five living in a home.

Happy and Clean will customize your cleaning contract to suit your needs and your budget. Get in touch with our service department via email or over the phone. We’ll give you an estimate or send a team to your home for a quote. Take the next step to reducing your cleaning responsibilities and improving your home environment – contact Happy and Clean today.

What Can You Expect from Utilizing Our Professional Cleaning Services (In Toronto)?

So, what do you get when you hire Happy and Clean beyond just a clean home? With us, we’re not just some maids in Toronto (or fly-by-night Toronto maid service provider) giving your home or business a quick once over. We offer you a thorough cleaning of your home or office, improving the living and working conditions for you, your family, and your employees.

While we’ve already covered what you can expect in our service level agreement with you, what else can you get from Happy and Clean that makes it worth hiring us?


We Won’t Waste Your Time

We understand that time is money for you. We already talked about how much time you can save by hiring Happy and Clean and the financial implications involved. However, we won’t waste your time having to check our work, or waiting for us to finish cleaning so you can relax.

At Happy and Clean, we believe every minute of life is special, and we don’t want to take up any more of it than is absolutely necessary. You can expect us to arrive at your home or business on time and give you an estimate for how long it will take us to finish and get out of your way.

If you’re away from your home while we’re cleaning, we won’t waste any time just because no one is watching. Our teams run through a systematic and efficient cleaning process. This strategy lets them get in and out of your home as fast as possible. However, it doesn’t reduce the efficacy of the cleaning or the final result.


We Arrive on Site Ready to Clean

When we arrive on-site at your home or office, we’re ready to get to work. We don’t take tea and coffee breaks, and there is no lunch hour for our teams. From the moment we set foot inside your residence or business, we have one goal in mind – to clean everything as fast as possible, with the best results possible.

Our vehicles come equipped with all the cleaning products and equipment we need to clean any area of your home. We need a ladder to reach your chandelier? No problem, we bring it all with us wherever we go. You’ll never catch us standing around your home doing nothing; we clean fast and efficiently, with team captains monitoring the entire process from start to finish.

Our team captains report to you directly if you’re around, and they inform the team of any special instructions you have for cleaning your home. The team captain is your touchstone to the Happy and Clean cleaning experience.

Your team captain inspects each room after a team member finishes, and they hold the cleaning standards of their crew at the highest levels. We never close a job card until the team captain is ready to stake their reputation on the team’s results.


Fast and Efficient Cleaning

If you hire a random cleaning company in Toronto, you’re going to get a mixed bag of results. Unfortunately, most companies don’t work to a standardized system, and they don’t have teams creating accountable results in your home.

Our team members go through training to understand how to clean surfaces and furniture around your home effectively and efficiently. We don’t waste time changing equipment or refilling cleaning detergents.

Our teams walk into a room motivated and equipped, with the training and experience they need to complete the job in the fastest time possible. Proper cleaning of your home or office doesn’t have to take hours if you know how to do it right.


Results You Can Trust

When you hire Happy and Clean, you get a clean home that will make you smile after our cleaning team or specialist walks out of your front door. If you have any issues with the results, take a picture with your phone and send it to our service center.

We remain fully accountable for the results we produce when cleaning your home. If our service doesn’t meet your expectations, contact us, and we’ll send an emergency team to re-clean the area at your nearest convenience.

However, we can’t remember when we had a customer complain, and our reviews speak for themselves. With Happy and Clean, you can expect reliable and effective cleaning services you can trust.


We’ll Inform You Before We Leave

When we finish a job, we’ll inform you before we leave the premises. If you’re on-site, we’ll give you a brief report on the job and if we found anything you need to be aware of during our cleaning duties. We prefer to speak to clients face-to-face. However, we realize that’s not possible all of the time.

Homeowners might be at work when we finish up cleaning your home. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know we finished, and we’ll inform you if we discover any problems while we’re there.

We value communication with our clients as one of our most important business values. We’ll always keep in touch, but we’ll never get in your way or take up your time unnecessarily.


The Same Level Of Care And Attention You Give Your Home

At Happy and Clean, we know that the strength of our business lies in customer satisfaction. We will never break our service level agreement with you. Our goal is to give you a “WOW” experience the moment you open your front door after hiring us for the first time.

Best of all, we aim to replicate that experience every time we clean your home. We want you to walk from room to room, admiring our handiwork, as you notice the fine details in our cleaning service that only you, the homeowner, can identify.

Our cleaning teams are passionate about their work, and they’ll treat your home as if it were theirs. You can expect nothing but world-class cleaning from Happy and Clean.

We won’t be shy; we have an incentive for providing you with that “wow” experience. We want you to find our service so outstanding that you leave us a 5-star review. We realize that our reputation means everything, and we give you the platform to voice your opinion on our cleaning service and rate our performance.

What Happens After I Hire Your Cleaning Services IN Toronto?

You know you’re dealing with professionals from the moment you pick up the phone or type out a request form on our site for service. We aim to provide you with an outstanding customer experience fortified by customer service that caters to your needs.

Our office and house cleaning Toronto services are simple to book. We offer you a user-friendly process that takes the frustration out of working with a third party to clean your home. Here’s what you can expect from the Happy and Clean experience.


Step 1 – Booking Your House Cleaning In Toronto

Every clean home starts with you. We can tell you how great our Toronto cleaning services are, but you’ll never know unless you put us to the test. Take action and order your cleaning service by completing the booking form. One of our service consultants will get back to you to confirm the details and payment.

You also have the option of calling our service center and speaking with one of our friendly consultants. We’ll take your information and the details of your property before issuing you an estimate over the phone.

However, it’s important to note that it’s only an estimate, and we’ll finalize our no-obligation quote when we arrive at your property.


Step 2 – On the Day of the Cleaning

On the day of your booking, you can expect the Happy and Clean team to arrive at your home or business premises on time. We believe in being timeous with our clients because we know you run on a tight schedule.

After arriving in our branded vehicle, the team captain will introduce themselves to you and do a final inspection of your property while they listen to your requirements. They’ll finalize the quote for you and ask you if you want to proceed with the work.

If you approve the cleaning, we’ll unpack how long it will take us to complete the cleaning and when you can expect us to get out of your home or office. After we finish cleaning, we clean up, pack up, and get ready to leave. Before our departure, the team captain will ask you to inspect the work.

If you’re not available for an inspection, we’ll inform you that we’re leaving the property. We have no problem with working under the view of security cameras in your home.


Step 3 – After Cleaning

After leaving your home, you won’t hear from us again until your next scheduled cleaning. However, we ask all of our clients to complete a 60-second questionnaire on their cleaning experience. If you have any questions or you have a complaint, bring it up in the evaluation, and we’ll attend to your concerns immediately.

Your feedback is critical to how we adjust and manage our cleaning strategies and systems. We reward our teams for receiving positive client feedback, and they aim to please with every cleaning task they undertake.

We find your feedback helps us create a better business, letting us understand your needs and our customer responsibility. Through receiving your feedback, it allows us to create a high-quality cleaning experience, with the consistency and reliability you need to recommend us to everyone you know.

What Are the Costs of Cleaning Services In Toronto?

When you call our customer service center or drop us an email, we’ll issue you with an estimate based on the information you give us. Every home or office is different in size, volume, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and more.

As a result, it’s challenging to give you’re an exact figure in our estimate. However, when we arrive at your home for the first time, our team captain assesses the work on a walk-around of your home or business premises.

We’ll listen to your special instructions and use that information to calculate our final quote for you. Our quote is transparent, including all costs upfront. We’re not going to include hidden fees in our invoice; we want you to have a totally transparent and ethical experience when dealing with Happy and Clean.

While we’re a premium cleaning service in Toronto, we offer you affordable rates. Many companies try to charge high prices for their services, but we believe in providing you value for your money. We utilize premium cleaning agents, but we get discounts on our bulk purchases, and we pass those savings off to you.

Prices will vary for cleaning homes and offices across Toronto. However, if we look at the average costs involved, we find that a deep cleaning service in Toronto costs you anywhere from $200 to $400 for a small three-bedroom condo or home.

If you want to save on your cleaning costs, sign a cleaning contract with Happy and Clean. We offer significant discounts for annual cleaning contracts. You never know, we might only be a little more than what you’re spending on cleaning products and the opportunity cost of losing your time to cleaning your home.

Which Areas in Toronto Does Happy and Clean Service?

Happy and Clean services all areas of Toronto. We go anywhere in the city where you need us, from the tops of office buildings to suburban homes or urban apartments. Some of the areas where we offer professional cleaning services to clients in Toronto include the following.

  • The city of Toronto (Including Downtown, North, and Old Toronto)
  • Woodbridge
  • Vaughan
  • Richmond Hill
  • Thornhill
  • Unionville
  • Markham
  • Rexdale
  • Etobicoke
  • North York
  • Willowdale
  • Scarborough
  • The Danforth
  • The Beaches

Whether you own a property on Lake Shore Boulevard in the South West, an apartment in Brookside in the Northwest, or a business in Downtown Toronto, contact us for assistance. We have mobile teams that reach any location in the city and the Greater Toronto Area.

Digitally Book Your Cleaning Services in Toronto

We live in the digital age, and now, booking your cleaning services in Toronto is as easy as filling out a form on our website and clicking send. Online booking is easy, giving you a chance to unpack your special cleaning needs for us.

With our online booking service, you can prep your home for cleaning in just a few minutes. We’ll respond to your inquiry with a booking confirmation email and the details of your booking with Happy and Clean.

However, we understand that some homeowners and business owners like to speak to someone about their cleaning needs. If that’s the case for you, call our service center and speak to one of our friendly service agents. We’ll listen to your requests and confirm them with you when we arrive to clean your home or office.


Get an Affordable Estimate for Cleaning Services IN Toronto

After receiving your details, we’ll send you a booking confirmation, along with an estimate for your approval. However, we won’t issue you with a final quote until we arrive on site. Every home and office is different, and we need to review the job site before we commit to our final pricing.

We aim to offer our customers with affordable estimates they can trust as good value. We’re a premium Toronto cleaning service available at reasonable market rates. Sure, you could probably find another Toronto cleaning service cheaper, but they won’t give you the same experience as us.

There are plenty of fly-by-night cleaning services offering you what might seem like special rates. However, their employees don’t have the same level of training as Happy and Clean teams, and you don’t get the same fast and efficient service you can expect with us.

Maids for Hire in Toronto

Are you searching for a top-rated maid service in Toronto? We bring you a premier cleaning service at an affordable price anywhere in Toronto.

Everyone knows that a clean home is a happy home, and we’ll help you keep it in tip-top shape. Our reliable maid’s service will exceed your expectations, leaving you with a clean house. From the moment you open the door, you’ll feel like you’re walking into a hotel.

Everything’s clean and in the right place, and you didn’t have to lift a finger.

Sound good?


Hire a Maid Service in Toronto

We offer weekly cleaning of bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and dining areas, or living areas, or one-off deep cleaning of closets, laundry areas, and indoor windows. Our professionally trained, experienced staff will leave your home looking nothing short of fantastic – guaranteed.

Our cleaners can use our supplies or your cleaning supplies. We understand that every homeowner has a preference for detergents, and we want you to feel comfortable with our cleaning services. We also accommodate hypoallergenic cleaning for individuals who are sensitive to allergens.

Speak with or friendly consultants at our call center, and tell us about your requests. We’ll issue a quote over the phone and schedule your maid’s service, or you can book directly through our site.


World-Class House Cleaning and Maid Service in Toronto

We offer you a professional maid service in Toronto. When you sign your service level agreement with us, you get the following benefits.

  • World-class service.
  • Experienced, trustworthy staff.
  • Fast, efficient, proven cleaning methods.
  • Your detergent or ours.
  • We use 100% green certified detergents.
  • Affordable weekly rates.
  • One-off deep cleaning services.
  • Available for homes, guest lodges, and commercial facilities.

We pride ourselves on offering the premier maids service in Toronto. Contact our call center and schedule your cleaning.


Why Hire Our Maid Service in Toronto?

We understand that time is your most valuable asset in life. You don’t need to spend it cleaning your home. Imagine if you spend three hours a week cleaning your house.

Let’s do the math on that real quick.

Three hours a week multiplied by 52-weeks is around 156-hours a year spent cleaning your home. That equates to 6.5 full days spent every year cleaning your home. If we consider that we sleep 8-hours a day, that’s nearly ten full days spent cleaning your home each year.

Wouldn’t you rather be on vacation or spending that time with your family and friends?

With our maid’s service (in Toronto), you get more time on your hands. Sure, you might be saying that money is also a part of the problem with hiring a maid.

Ask yourself, what is your time worth to you?

The costs of our service work out to the price of a cup of coffee a day over the year. You get a clean home and more time in your life when you hire our professional Toronto maids service.

We use proven cleaning methods and cleaning teams to reduce the time spend inside your home. We get your home spick-and-span, in no time, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work.


What Cleaning and Maid Services Do We Offer You?


General and Heavy-Duty Cleaning Toronto

From bedrooms to bathrooms, living areas, kitchens, and foyers, we’ll clean every room in your home at your request. We offer custom cleaning schedules for any home in Toronto.


Affordable Pricing with No Hidden Costs

When you hire us, we quote you what you pay, with no hidden charges. You’ll find that we have some of the most competitive rates in Toronto, and we offer you a service that’s a league ahead of the competition.


Complete House Cleaning Services Toronto

We can clean your entire home from top to bottom with a deep clean. We also offer weekly contractual whole-home cleaning solutions.


Move-in / Move-out Cleaning Services Toronto

If you’re moving in or out of an apartment, home, or office, contact our call center to book our service. We’ll leave your property looking great so that you can claim your security deposit.


Vacation Rental Maid Service Toronto

If you own a vacation home or second home in Toronto, our maid’s service will keep in in great shape while you’re not around. We’ll have it clean and ready for you the day you arrive.


Professional Carpet Cleaning Toronto

We offer professional carpet cleaning services for homes and businesses across Toronto. We’ll restore your carpets to their best condition.


Office Cleaning Toronto

Our maid’s service (in Toronto) also covers office cleaning. Contact our call center and speak to a consultant about your needs. We’ll plan a custom cleaning schedule to meet your needs.


Renovation Cleaning Toronto

If you just finished an addition to your home, call us to clean up. While we won’t remove rubble and building materials, we’ll get your new home looking clean and ready for occupation.


Professionally-Trained Staff, You Can Trust

All our staff goes through comprehensive background checks before joining our team. You can trust our maid’s service, and we have an open line of communication for feedback with our clients. Our staff receives expert training to qualify them for cleaning your home.


Flexible Appointments for your House, Condo, and Apartment Cleaning Toronto

We work around your schedule. Contact our call center, and we’ll accommodate your cleaning request at your nearest convenience.


We Service All Suburbs in Toronto

Our Toronto maids service is perfect for residents in all suburbs and neighborhoods around Toronto. Some of the areas where we have cleaning contracts include the following.

  • Old Toronto
  • Downtown Core (Central)
  • East End
  • North End
  • West End
  • East York
  • Etobicoke
  • North York
  • Scarborough
  • College Promenade
  • Dundas Bathurst
  • Regal Heights Village
  • Upper Village


Maids for Hire in Toronto FAQ


Q: What do I get with a maids for hire service (like ours)in Toronto?

A: When we start cleaning your home, we go by a checklist specifically curated to your needs.

Some of the tasks we do include cleaning floors, kitchen counters, and cupboards, and the stove/oven, dusting baseboards and cleaning the bathroom, disinfecting the shower.

We can set up our cleaning schedule to your custom requirements, contact our call center to discuss your needs.


Q: How much does it cost to hire our maids in Toronto?

A: Our Toronto maid service offers you affordable rates. While we have to get an idea of the size of the room and the work required. We use teams to clean as fast and efficiently as possible.


Q: Can I cancel or reschedule my maid’s appointment?

A: Yes, you can cancel or reschedule at any time. Just give us 72-hours’ notice, and we’ll move the appointment to your nearest convenience.

Cleaning Services in Toronto FAQ Section

Do you still have a few unanswered questions about what Happy and Clean can do for your home or office? Read through our FAQs to see if you find the answer you need.

If you still have questions after reading the FAQ, get in touch with our call center via email or over the phone. We have friendly consultants waiting to give you the assistance you need with making your booking.


Q: How do I book my cleaning service (in Toronto) with Happy and Clean?

A: Booking with Happy and Clean is easy. Just navigate to our booking form and complete your details. We’ll send you a booking confirmation and an estimate.

Leave us any special cleaning requests you have so we can add that to your estimate. Typically, our estimates are accurate, but our team leader will inspect the job and finalize the quote before asking for your approval to start the cleaning process.

Our house cleaning services in Toronto are available as a one-off cleaning service or as a contractual arrangement to keep your home clean throughout the year. Alternatively, contact our service center for assistance with booking your cleaning service over the phone.

We base our quotes on the number of hours we think it takes to clean your home. Of course, we may be wrong in our estimate, but we’ll iron out the details when we visit your property. You can expect concurrent cleanings to come with a consistent price tag.


Q: What can I expect from my experience with Happy and Clean?

A: When you order our home cleaning services in Toronto, you can expect a world-class cleaning experience for your office, home, apartment, or condo. We take every job card seriously, and we have a passion for cleaning that stands out in our work.


Q: What’s the difference between general, deep, and move-in/move-out cleaning?

A: Our general cleaning services are routine tasks required in your home’s general maintenance and upkeep. These cleaning tasks keep your home looking and smelling great.

Deep cleaning tasks are for landlords that need their property cleaned after tenants have left or new homeowners moving into their new property. The process is more in-depth, requiring more time in the office or residence to look and smell fresh and clean.


Q: Do Happy and Clean cleaners bring cleaning supplies to my residence or commercial property?

A: Yes, whether you order office, home or condo cleaning in Toronto, the Happy and Clean team arrives at your premises with everything we need to complete the job. We never run out of cleaning supplies in the middle of the job, and we have all the tools and experience we need to leave your home sparkling clean.


Q: Can I change or cancel my booking with Happy and Clean?

A: Yes, we allow you to cancel or reschedule your booking with us. Reach out to the service center at Happy and Clean before 5 pm on the day before your booking to cancel and avoid the cancellation fee.


Q: Do I get a booking confirmation after ordering my cleaning service?

A: Yes, as soon as you complete your booking with Happy and Clean, we’ll send you a confirmation email with the date and time of your booking with us. We also have a client portal. We’ll give you your account details to log into your dashboard to navigate your experience with us.


Q: Do I get the same cleaning team every time I book a service?

A: You have the option of booking the same cleaning team for concurrent cleaning jobs. We understand that you might want to limit the number of people walking through your home or that you might have a specific attachment to the way one of our teams cleans.


Q: Which areas around Toronto Does Happy and Clean service?

A: Happy and Clean services all areas across the city of Toronto. We also go out to the Greater Toronto Area on request.

Some of the counties, towns, and suburbs we service around Toronto include the following. The city of Toronto (Including Downtown, North, and Old Toronto), Vaughan, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill, Unionville, Rexdale, Thornhill, Markham, North York, Etobicoke, Willowdale, Scarborough, the Beaches and the Danforth.


Q: Do I need a credit card when booking my cleaning service (in Toronto) with Happy and Clean?

A: Yes, we require a credit card number to confirm your booking. We place a payment hold on your card for 48-hours before your booking date and time. We only process our payment after we complete the service and you’re happy with the results.


Q: How many members are on a cleaning team?

A: Our deep cleaning services in Toronto run specialized teams between two to four cleaners and a team captain acting as your touchpoint during the process. We’ll send a single cleaner to your premises if the work takes four hours or less.

We use two cleaners for all bookings over 5+hours and three cleaners for jobs taking longer than 9-hours total. Depending on your needs, we will adjust our team capacities to suit cleaning times and the size of the premises requiring cleaning.

Contact our service center for an estimate, and we’ll work something out for you right now.


Q: Is there anything Happy and Clean won’t clean?

A: Yes, there are some things that even we won’t clean. Don’t contact Happy and Clean if you want us to clean pet or human waste. This material is a biohazard, requiring specialized removal by a licensed professional.

We also don’t handle any vermin infestations in your home. If we uncover a cockroach nest while cleaning, we’ll advise you to call the exterminator—we only clean areas in the house where we have access and reach. We do come with step stools in our vehicle and ladders, but we won’t set them up in dangerous areas that present a fall risk.


Q: What are the terms of your satisfaction guarantee?

A: At Happy and Clean, we want you to have the best possible experience with us. We value our reputation as a leading cleaning company in Toronto, and we want to keep it that way. The strength of our business comes from our commitment to customer service. If you have any issues or concerns with your cleaning, reach out to us, and we’ll sort it out for you.

Contact our service center within 48-hours of your booking and voice your concerns. It helps us if you take photos of the area and give us a detailed explanation. We’ll send a cleaning team to correct the problem.


Q: Can Happy and Clean finish cleaning my home while I’m at work?

A: Yes, many of our clients trust Happy and Clean for their home cleaning duties while they’re at work. We run comprehensive background and criminal checks on all our staff before welcoming them to the team.

With Happy and Clean doing the housework while you’re at the office, you get to come home to a clean and fresh-smelling home.


Q: Is Happy and Clean just a maid’s service?

A: If you’re looking for the best maids Toronto has to offer, choose Happy and Clean. We’re so much more than a simple maid’s service.

We specialize in cleaning homes and businesses anywhere in the city. Our cleaning methods are world-class, and our cleaning products are environmentally friendly.


Q: Does Happy and Clean use pet-friendly cleaning products?

A: Yes, Happy and Clean uses people and pet-friendly cleaning products. All our product formulations include high-quality biodegradable chemicals that aren’t harsh on the local environment.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a “Green Cleaning” service they can rely on to reduce their household carbon footprint and environmental impact.